Securely borrow for the holidays

Securely borrow for the holidays

July 11, 2019 0 By admin

Daypay is the specialist in mini loans or so-called flash loans. If your lack of money is limited, Daypay is definitely for you. This lender borrows amounts from 50 to 600 euros with a maximum term of 30 days.

Advantages of a mini loan with Daypay

Advantages of a mini loan with Payday

  • Minimum evidence: such a mini-loan with Daypay requires a minimum of paperwork.
  • Quick treatment: because only a minimum of supporting documents is requested and credit applications are only made online at Daypay, everything goes really fast here. In the vast majority of cases, the requested amount is in your account within 24 hours. Once your mini loan has been approved, the amount will be deposited into your account immediately. You are not even asked for what purpose you will use the borrowed money.
  • Conditions : for a mini-loan with Daypay you must be at least 21 years old, live in Belgium and have a bank account here. Your monthly income must be sufficient to be able to repay your mini loan after 30 days.
  • Black list: even a mention on the National Bank ‘s black list is no problem for a mini loan with Daypay.

Zaloan for mini loans

Zaloan for mini loans

Giving and receiving gifts is nice especially at Christmas and New Year

Zaloan was the first lender in our country to take out mini-loans. You can go to Zaloan for amounts of 50 to 500 euros that you have to pay back after fifteen or thirty days. This period depends on the amount borrowed. You can only request such a mini-loan from Zaloan online or even by SMS. Borrowing at Zaloan is safe and reliable borrowing. For example, with this credit provider the administrative costs per loan are limited to four euros. In order to limit his / her own risk and to provide the credit applicant with maximum protection against unforeseen circumstances, Zaloan requests a personal manager. That is someone from your family or circle of friends who also acts as guarantor for your loan. If you do not have such a person, you can still take out insurance with Global Guarantee so that the lender is assured in all circumstances that he will get back the loan after 15 or 30 days.

The price of this insurance depends on the amount borrowed and the duration of your mini loan:

  • Loan amount 50 euros / 15 days: 8 euros
  • Amount borrowed 100 euros / 15 days: 18 euros
  • Amount borrowed 100 euros / 30 days : 24 euros
  • Loan amount 150 euros / 30 days: 38 euros
  • Loan amount 200 euros / 30 days: 52 euros
  • Loan amount 300 euros / 30 days: 80 euros
  • Amount borrowed 400 euros / 30 days: 108 euros
  • Amount borrowed 500 euros / 30 days: 136 euros

The requested amount is immediately on your account after approval. You can only request such a loan from Zaloan online or by SMS, so that paperwork is kept to a strict minimum.



One of the most important lenders in our country is undoubtedly Eicredit, specializing in all kinds of consumer loans for the most diverse purposes. As a credit broker, broker and lender, Eicredit guarantees a quick and effective settlement of your credit application.

A (mini) loan allows you to enjoy the holidays and still keep your family budget in balance

You can go to Eicredit for a mini loan, interesting when your lack of money is limited, but also for an installment loan, for financing a new or second-hand car, for a mortgage loan and for merging various current loans. How much you can borrow depends of course on person, but with Eicredit you can easily calculate it yourself with the user-friendly calculation module that is available for free on their website. 

Pakner Credit

Credit partner

Pakner Credit also has a great deal of experience in all-purpose consumer credit. As a credit broker, broker and lender, the Pakner Credit guarantees a fast and efficient handling of all possible credit applications. Pakner Credit requires a minimum of evidence and once your application has been approved you can quickly get the amount you requested on your account so that you can dispose of it freely and do not have to account for what you want to use the loan for.

Flemish credit house

Flemish credit house is located in Turnhout in Kempen. This is an officially recognized and national insurance and credit broker. This makes the Vlaamskrediethuis an excellent partner to assist you in your search for the most inexpensive and suitable loan.