10 Airbnb rentals in Budapest for a romantic vacation

Airbnb was the missing link in the tourism industry. Its introduction revolutionized the entire travel accommodation industry. People no longer need to hop from hotel to hotel looking for a spare room to spend a night or two.

Like any other major European city, Budapest has no shortage of Airbnb options. From neat and affordable cabins to luxurious apartments, there’s a bit of everything for everyone.

Here is a list of 10 Airbnb rentals to consider in Budapest.

ten Best panorama

Does anything come with a good name? Of course there must be. If the name of this Airbnb is anything to go by, then vacationers in Budapest must be happy. The property is a one bedroom apartment with stunning views of Gresham Palace and the Chain Bridge. Best Panorama is located in an area with several restaurants, cafes and supermarkets, which means that holidaymakers do not have to worry about their daily needs.

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9 Wellness Villa Budapest

Thermal baths are nothing new in Budapest. They are a great way to compensate for the lack of coastline. At the Villa Wellness Budapest, holidaymakers enjoy a sauna and a jacuzzi all to themselves. Plus, the property is in a quiet residential area, making it the perfect destination for a low-key yet romantic vacation.

8 Apartment Budapest Center

This Airbnb is a private room in Budapest with traditional architecture in the heart of the city. The room can accommodate up to four people at a time. Furnished with a fully equipped kitchen, tourists need not worry about getting meals from nearby restaurants. They have the option of self-catering, which is cheaper and a good way to bond.

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seven Private Room Near Corvin-Negyed Metro Station

One thing about Airbnb in Budapest is that they are so cheap unlike the rest of Europe. Most of them average under $50, which is a bargain. This private property has five bedrooms and can accommodate large groups. Solo travelers are also allowed at a reduced price. Charges here are based on the number of people sleeping there at a flat rate of $18 per person.

6 Vintage Downtown Apartment

This apartment is not for those who enjoy the finer things in life like high technology. Those who love a vintage touch in everything they do will have a great time here. Although not technologically advanced, it still contains the basics of a functional home. The kitchen is equipped with a microwave and oven while the living room has a 70’s TV. This property is one of the few facilities in Budapest that allows people to camp with their pets.

5 Downtown Asboth Apartment

Located in the heart of the city, a comfortable and affordable apartment known for its stylish interiors. It is more of a studio with a balcony. The property has a fully equipped kitchen where vacationers can get creative and cook up something special while on vacation. This Airbnb is located in a vibrant part of town with incredible nightlife that will entice vacationers to get out there and party.

4 City Park Apartment

Vacation accommodation need not be limited to the city. Rural areas also make a great choice. Located next to the Budapest City Park, this apartment is a great way to escape the chaos of the city to somewhere more laid back. With floor-to-ceiling windows, vacationers here enjoy panoramic views of the park and plenty of natural light.

3 Deak Square Accommodation

What is it about Deak Square that holidaymakers never seem to get tired of? From vintage buildings to always busy intersections, there is much more to explore in this part of Europe. The accommodation that interests us here is a private room for two. It is designed to get the most out of the Budapest experience. The area around the apartment has plenty of shops and restaurants in case holidaymakers need something extra.

2 Presidential Apartment

While Budapest is dominated by simple, affordable apartments, there are a handful of modern homes for upmarket holidaymakers. A good example is the presidential apartment which lives up to its reputation thanks to the elegant design it adopts. This apartment incorporates vintage aspects into the furnishings and general layout for a more composed finish. The facility truly corresponds to presidential status if the cuisine is any indication.

1 Cabin & Canvas

Not every vacationer in Budapest wants to be in an apartment or a hotel room. Some just want to be out there camping on their vacation. Cabin & Canvas offers an alternative route away from traditional accommodation that involves apartments. Located in the Normafa Nature Reserve, this property is a great way to interact with nature. The property is a two-in-one in that there is a cabin and a tent in one package. Camp overnight in this remote location and enjoy a romantic vacation while it lasts.

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