12 DIY Apartment and Home Upgrades for Renters

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Living in a rental apartment or house doesn’t stop you from adding personality and warmth to your home.

  • Living in a rental apartment or house doesn’t mean you can’t customize your space.
  • Tenants can make simple upgrades to personalize their home while getting their security deposit back.
  • Temporary upgrades such as applying peel and stick wallpaper and replacing light fixtures can have a huge visual impact.

As someone with a passion for design and who has lived my entire adult life in rental, I have done more than my fair share of rental-friendly DIY projects, from mounting televisions and shelves to painting every room in my apartment.

I also encourage others to get creative with decorating their rentals, no matter how long their lease is.

Over time I have discovered many easy upgrades that people can do without affecting their security deposit. Things like adding a stick-on backsplash, replacing light fixtures, and even replacing the shower head are all reversible when it’s time to move. Just be sure to keep any existing hardware or equipment so you can easily reinstall them.

Here are 12 tenant-friendly upgrades to make your space functional and create a home that reflects your personality and aesthetic.

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