299 apartments planned on Holbrook Road in Enka

A Greensboro developer hopes to build nearly 300 new apartments in 11 buildings in Enka, nicknamed Hawthorne in Holbrook.

Plans filed with Buncombe County and due to be presented to the Board of Adjustment on April 13 show 11 divided three- and three- to four-story buildings on nearly 32 acres of open prairie and woods between Interstate 40 and Holbrook Road.

Developers Hawthorne Residential Partners need a special use permit from the county to move forward with the project, slated for a first appearance before the County Board of Adjustment April 13.

The site is currently zoned EMP, or Employment District, described in county code as “intended to provide well-situated sites for employment concentrations”, while including “supporting activities such as community services, commercial services and residential uses”.

A satellite photo included in the project application shows the land where Greensboro Hawthorne developers in Holbrook have requested the construction of a new 299-unit apartment complex.

According to the application, the EMP District allows up to 12 units per acre, for a total of 391 units on what the application states as a 32.6-acre site, compared to the 299 proposed in the plan.

Listed at 36 Crowell Road, the entire undeveloped parcel is listed at over 62 acres, according to Buncombe County records, valued at $5.3 million.

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The plans show a 31.8 acre “Terrain 1” on the western part of the parcel where development is planned, as well as a 34.8 acre “Terrain 2” where the site plans show no construction.

The permit application states that the developers are under contract to purchase the property before construction begins and once completed the developers will manage the property.

According to his websiteHawthorne Residential Partners operates more than 42,000 apartments across more than 170 properties in eight southeastern states.

299 new apartments have been offered to Enka on this land off Holbrook Rd.

Also listed on its website are four apartment complexes in the Asheville area: Hawthorne in Mills Gap and Hawthorne in Southside, both in South Asheville on Mills Gap Road and Turtle Creek Drive respectively, as well as Hawthorne in Bear Creek on Bear Creek Lane and Hawthorne at Haywood I on River Birch Grove Road.

Construction of Hawthorne in Holbrook is expected to begin in the fall of 2022 and be completed approximately two years later, according to site plans.

These plans show a main entrance on Holbrook Road, near a planned clubhouse and swimming pool, with plans elsewhere on the site for a dog park, garages, car charging station, storage bicycles and kayaks, as well as a grill and gazebo area.

Traffic impact analysis includedwhich calculates traffic based on 350 units, recommended improvements at four nearby intersections, anticipating 1,623 new daily trips generated by the development, including 142 morning peak trips and 137 afternoon peak trips.

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The study recommends aligning the proposed access points opposite Marathon Lane and Homestead Way on Holbrook Road, where it recommends at least 50 feet in an exclusive right-turn lane along Holbrook Road.

At the intersection of Monte Vista Road and Holbrook Road, he recommends a 100-foot left-turn lane along Holbrook Road and modifying the operation of an existing traffic signal to accommodate it.

Elevations included in site plans filed with Buncombe County show construction plans for the 11-building, 299-unit Hawthorne Holbrook development proposed for Holbrook Road in Enka.

“Several intersections in the study area, particularly around the I-40/Smokey Park Highway interchange, are currently experiencing failing levels of service,” the analysis said.

He notes that the North Carolina Department of Transportation plans to improve the area through its I-2513 project, the Interstate 26 Connector Projectpart of which is the improvement of the I-40 interchanges with Smokey Park Highway, I-26 and I-240 and Brevard Road.

This project, according to NCDOT and traffic analysis, is expected to begin right-of-way acquisition in 2022 and construction in 2024.

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According to the analysis, these listed improvements “are subject to additional review and discussion with the developer, Buncombe County, and the North Carolina Department of Transportation before becoming part of the conditions for building permit applications.” ‘required access’.

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