30,000 additional social rental units needed for the Rotterdam region

The Maas Dome, a collaboration of 22 housing associations in the Rotterdam region, wants at least 30,000 social rental units to be added to the area over the next ten years. This can be done through new construction, temporary housing or the transformation of existing buildings. Houses are needed to meet the growing need for this type of accommodation.

Like most places in the Netherlands, Rotterdam and its surroundings face a significant housing shortage. Over the past five years, the chance of getting a social tenancy in the area has halved. The number of registered housing seekers increased by 56%, while rental properties fell by 20%. Rental advertisements often receive hundreds of responses.

Maas Dome presents a manifesto and launches a campaign on Monday. “Everyone should be able to live, and together we are taking on a huge challenge to make this possible. If we do nothing, there will be a shortage of more than 72,000 homes in the entire Rotterdam region in ten years. This includes the owned housing and rental housing of all ranges.As housing associations, we want to take responsibility for 30,000 social rental units,” said director Annemarieke van Ettinger.

Housing associations will not only look to new construction to expand the social housing stock. The construction of temporary housing, the elevation of existing buildings with additional residential floors, densification in the city and the transformation of vacant offices into housing are also possible.

The associations seek long-term cooperation with the municipalities, Van Ettinger said. “We have been natural allies for over a hundred years. Municipalities need us for affordable housing and livable neighborhoods. And we need municipalities for sufficient building locations, planning capacity and to be able to condense. “

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