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Lively businessman Greg Hague is known for his upbeat real estate ads. This trait is also found in his off-screen life.

He and his company, 72Sold, sponsored a contest for Arizona homeowners, choosing one to cover their home payments for six years.

The winners were Eloy and Eileen Cruz from Glendale. The generosity of Greg and his wife, Teresa, didn’t stop there.

The couple’s son, Daniel, graduated from the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs in 2001, then served three times in Afghanistan.

Risking his life to save others, Daniel was awarded the Bronze Star and the Distinguished Flying Cross for his extraordinary achievements in aerial flight. He died in 2016 of complications from post-traumatic stress disorder at the age of 37.

While having lunch with Eloy and Eileen, the Hagues learned that the couple had fallen on hard times.

“They told us about their son,” Greg said. “He was buried in Colorado Springs, but they hadn’t been there in years. I asked them what their dream vacation would be. They said to go to Colorado Springs and celebrate his life.

They paid for Eloy and Eileen to go there, in addition to their house payments.

“How lucky are we to have the resources to be able to do things like this,” he said. “We realized how blessed we were.”

Greg also encourages his 450 agents and employees in Arizona to give back. The 72Sold company operates in 38 states and offers door-to-door sellers a program to sell in 72 hours, skip daily visits, choose their closing date, and then stay home for up to six months after closing.

A year-long study of over 90,000 home sales found that sellers who used the 72Sold program had an 8.4% higher average sale price.

The competition follows the announcement of a record year of growth by 72Sold Phoenix affiliate Hague Partners, with its realtors outselling the average Phoenix realtor by a margin of more than 9 to 1. .

A recent independent market analysis by a third-party securities firm showed that Hague Partners is the fastest growing real estate company in Arizona, now achieving a market share of nearly 8%, 400% more than just 12 months ago.

“Uber is our model,” he said. “Look how much Uber has done to get from point A to point B. It’s so much easier than hailing a taxi and wondering if it will arrive.

“You don’t have to reach into a pocket for a tip. They do such a fantastic job of taking the friction out of travel that it’s usually cheaper than a taxi. We have developed and refined the sale of a house, without any inconvenience.

In 2021, the Arizona Cardinals announced a multi-year deal in which 72Sold became the NFL team’s official real estate partner. 72Sold has been approved as the only real estate company to run ads during the NFL Super Bowl LVI game.

72Sold is also teaming up with the Arizona Diamondbacks as partners.

“Baseball is back and we’re excited to see where our home team will take us this year,” said Greg. “At 72Sold, we are thrilled to be part of this long-term partnership with the Diamondbacks ownership, management, staff and players.”

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