Apartments near Infopark Kochi go above and beyond and issue one-sided restrictions, especially for singles

Tenants are prohibited from having guests after 7 p.m. and male tenants are prohibited from having female guests and vice versa regardless of the time

Tenants are prohibited from having guests after 7 p.m. and male tenants are prohibited from having female guests and vice versa regardless of the time

About a fortnight ago, a large apartment near Infopark Kochi put up a rather rough direction at its entrance, much to the chagrin of many occupants.

Two separate announcements literally prohibited tenants from having guests after 7 p.m. and male tenants from having female guests and vice versa, regardless of the time. The image went viral on social media, drawing widespread criticism, although one section justified it.

“I was completely baffled and shamed to be a tenant in an apartment that can stoop to such low standards and resort to what is nothing but blatant moral policing. In fact, it has been going on for quite some time before the restrictions were even published in writing, which led to many arguments,” said a tenant of the apartment on condition of anonymity.

Contacted, the secretary of the apartment association claimed the restrictions were there in the bylaws, and landlords and tenants always knew it. “The bachelors have created problems for the families residing in the apartment with their use of alcohol and ganja. The police and excise frequent our apartment at odd hours and so the association has chosen to impose restrictions,” said Mohammed Ashraf, secretary of the association.

In fact, single people seem to be the prime target of many apartment associations. Another apartment near Infopark has issued a circular setting a fee of ₹250 per person per day for single tenants’ visitors overnight stay. It is the duty of the occupant to register the exact time of the client’s return in the security register, otherwise it will be considered as an overnight stay, specifies the circular.

It further restricts the stay of visitors of single tenants subject to email confirmation from the landlords along with the visitors photo ID cards, failing which the rental agreement will be terminated unilaterally followed by eviction without notice to the owner’s cost.

“Whether written down or not, such restrictions seem to be the norm in many apartments near Infopark. We have received complaints from several of our members. Technophiles often come home after work in the evening, and some associations are even offended by the fact that women are dumped by their male colleagues. This is nothing but a moral police, and we plan to draw attention to this issue,” said Aneesh Panthalani, president of Progressive Techies, an association of IT employees.

Infopark police said that while they had asked apartments to keep visitor logs and details of tenants and landlords, they had not issued any instructions to restrict visitors. “The police cannot simply ask someone to restrict their visitors and the time of their visits. It’s beyond our mandate,” a senior Infopark police officer said.

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