Are you safe in the event of a fire? Firefighters speak 2nd stories, apartments and more

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – The Bowling Green Fire Department posted on its Facebook page how people should identify two emergency exits in their homes in the event of a fire. News 40 investigated how people can be safe without easy access to emergency exits.

Katie McKee of the Bowling Green Fire Department said that in a situation where people are trapped on the second floor or live high up in an apartment, it makes sense to have a room where people can lock themselves in to block the smoke.

She said that in these types of structural spaces, as well as in first-floor homes, it is important to agree on a designated meeting place with the family in the event of a fire. She also advised structuring a plan on how to safely evacuate older family members, people with disabilities and infants.

McKee said, “Whenever you live in this apartment, just check the exits. Make sure you know where the stairwells are. Make sure these are never locked or blocked, so that if you have to use them, you can. And, in any case, you will not be able to leave your apartment and use that stairwell.

Firefighter Cameron Wallace has advised tenants of a house or apartment not to rely solely on their landlord to check fire safety devices.

Wallace said, “Every month I checked my smoke detectors, I make sure they are working – every year I replace these smoke detectors…. The same goes for the fire extinguishers in the apartments. If you notice that they are not being kept up to date, tell your landlord something.

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