Bajrangi Bhaijaan actress Sunita Shirole regrets not owning a home in Mumbai; Apply for financial assistance

The pandemic has made many people suffer financially in the midst of the pandemic. We have heard a few actors come out openly and ask for financial help. The latest name to be added to this list is senior actress Sunita Shirole who was out of work during the pandemic. If that wasn’t enough, the actress was frequently hospitalized, which only spent her savings on treatment. The Bajrangi Bhaijaan actress has reached a point where she is forced to urge people to support her financially.

According to reports in The Times Of India, Sunita Shirole suffered from a kidney infection and other ailments that have brought her to a stage where she needs urgent financial help. She is confined to her bed due to multiple health problems. Speaking about her condition, she revealed: “I was working until the pandemic hit. I used all my savings to survive during this time. Unfortunately, I had to be hospitalized around this time for a kidney infection and severe knee pain. If that wasn’t enough, I fell twice in the hospital and broke my left leg. I can’t bend it anymore. I have had angioplasty in the past and am struggling with other illnesses as well.

Shirole further revealed that she was staying as a paying guest in an apartment, but was forced to move out because she couldn’t afford the rent. Sunita is truly grateful to CINTAA for sending Nupur Alankar to help her. Nupur, who is also an actress, let Sunita stay at home and hired a nurse for her.

In conclusion, Sunita Shirole said: “I want to start working because I need the money, but the condition of my leg is deteriorating and I don’t know if I will be able to walk again. I need financial help until I get back on my feet. It is very difficult to survive. I wish I could save money for a rainy day and own a house in Mumbai.

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