Body of 61-year-old woman remains inside apartment for nearly 2 years, landlord continues to take rent: The Tribune India

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Chandigarh, July 30

Imagine that someone has been dead for almost 2 years but continues to pay the rent for the apartment where he lives. One such incident was reported in London where the decomposed corpse of a 61-year-old lady was found in a flat. She allegedly lied dead inside for nearly 2 years as her rent continued to deduct.

According to a Daily Mail report, Sheila was found dead on the couch in her apartment in February 2022. She was last seen outside her apartment in April 2019 as her neighbors perpetually reported a foul smell and a pile of letters in front of his apartment since October. 2019. Even the police came twice but felt everything was fine. They hadn’t felt the need to break into the house.

She last paid her rent in April 2019. After the Housing Department did not hear from her, they processed a request to have the rent paid directly from her credit payments. During the course, no one ever tried to contact her. The gas supply to her apartment was also cut off as she failed to comply with people who turned up for a routine inspection.

Detectives guessed his date of death as August 2019 by looking at the expiration dates of products kept in his refrigerator.

His apartment was found tidy and no sign of break-in could be seen.

The autopsy of the body could not be performed because the body was too decomposed.

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