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Are you trying to decide if you want to book a Vacation rental in Destin or hotel room? Vacation rentals and hotels offer a different experience for large and small groups. While the hotel may be suitable for short stays, vacation rentals provide the convenience and comfort of home on long journeys.

We may be prejudiced, but we understand that vacation rentals rent out space, amenities, flexibility, and affordable prices, while hotels do.

So far, you’ve probably heard of a lot of big companies offering alternative hosting. Some have decided to sell their vacation rentals, while others are still a bit skeptical.

Some of our favorite reasons are to choose vacation rentals in Destin Florida.

Vacation rentals give you space

Space is probably the # 1 benefit of a vacation rental. No one likes to be cramped in a hotel room. The average hotel room is only 325 square feet and can be cramped if you sleep four or more people (excluding luggage). The vacation homes offer private sleeping areas, separate living areas and en-suite bathrooms. This is especially important for long stays. No one wants the whole room to be a single bed together. It’s also easy to find vacation rentals with more than one bathroom, which can speed up morning preparations.

Vacation rentals give you the choice

When booking a hotel, there are only a limited number of facilities where your family would feel comfortable. Many are 5 star and overpriced. They still have 1 star left and you would take care of your physical health by sleeping in their beds.

For big hot spots like Destin or Miami, vacation rentals number in the thousands! Each is unique and can provide the right number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and square footage that will make you feel right at home.

You can also choose from a variety of different style homes. Looking for a beach bungalow? We have it .. Are you hoping for another luxury villa? We have that too. If you want to live in a high rise building in the city near the sports stadium, we can stay.

Vacation rentals save you money

On a 1: 1 basis, you’ll get a vacation rental (which has plenty of space, special amenities, and privacy) that costs less than a hotel for a night, a whole week, or more. The savings really increase when you travel with a large family or a group of friends. Instead of buying 3 hotel rooms in 6 nights, dividing the rental cost will significantly reduce per person. That’s the extra money you can spend on your meals and vacation activities! Plus, parents, kids and friends can each have their own bedroom – no more sharing!

Vacation Home Facilities

The facilities are another good thing when booking a vacation home. A full-size kitchen is ideal for more than one reason. You’re not limited to microwaves and mini-fridges. You can cook as many meals as you want in your home, only reducing the cost of the meals.A washing machine and tumble dryer are always a plus. You can wash your laundry while on vacation, so you don’t have to worry so much about packing. Most vacation homes come with free internet access, so you don’t lose out on this important service either.

Vacation homes have a wide range of potential facilities, such as a private pool, hot tub, game room, outdoor lounges and more.

Vacation rentals give you privacy

Without the comings and goings of other guests, not to mention hotel staff like housekeeping and room service, you’ll have a lot more privacy when you rent an apartment. Enjoying your vacation without rolling your eyes or making noisy neighbors is a perk that might not be high on your list, but you’ll be wonderfully grateful for it.


Highways and discounts are also an important part of renting a vacation home. If you rent through a management company like Destin Florida, you have access to free or discounted perks to get the most out of your vacation. You probably won’t be spending all of your time at the beach, so getting the best deals on top of your rent is a big reason to avoid the hotel. Activities can get expensive when traveling with a large family.

Booking a vacation home gives you double the space, better facilities and discounts. In some cases, you can pay for a hotel as much as you rent a vacation. You can book a similar property in the same location for a seemingly endless amount after a year of considering new memories.

Vacation rentals spoil you

After all, vacation rentals make you feel worse than you ever imagined. Some of the owner’s vacation rentals come with premium amenities such as a home theater, private hot tub, patio grill, or in-home chef. Of course, your vacation wouldn’t be complete without Wi-Fi, flat-screen TVs, an underground pool, and plenty of rented game rooms.

Need more benefits? The fact that there is a kitchen in every rental in the house means that you can save money on meals cooked yourself instead of expensive meals at home. You will also have more flexibility for the length of your stay. If you are looking for an extended trip to Florida, many rates require an extended stay of a month or more.

Some of our Florida beach rentals also accept pets, so bring all of your family (even all fours) with you to relax by the pool.

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