Apartments – Villas In Florence Thu, 02 Dec 2021 02:24:23 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Apartments – Villas In Florence 32 32 Official opening of a new apartment complex for active adults at Campus Pointe Thu, 02 Dec 2021 02:24:23 +0000 FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) – Maravillosa is located steps from the restaurants and entertainment of Campus Pointe, across from Fresno State.

The resort is designed for residents 55 and over who wish to continue leading an active lifestyle. They can enjoy a gym and a swimming pool.

Units help fill a void.

“We need more housing in the city of Fresno,” said Tyler Maxwell, Fresno City Council member. “The increasing demands demand that we meet the housing needs of our community for all age groups.”

Wednesday’s ribbon cut means all 142 units are now available for rent.

Studios will start at around $ 1,100 per month. One-bedroom units start at around $ 1,500, while two-bedroom apartments will start at $ 2,000.

Tracy Kashian believes the proximity to campus will also attract those willing to downsize.

“Take a class, photography, something really fun,” she said. “Take a walk, have dinner or meet friends for coffee.”

Residents will be able to start moving into apartments in January. State and local leaders came to see the finished product.

“I am a big believer in intergenerational housing where seniors can live in communities where they can walk to amenities, restaurants and movie theaters,” said California State Treasurer Fiona Ma.

Maravillosa translates to “wonderful” or “wonderful”.

Many were happy to see that a community garden will be made available to residents to grow fruits and vegetables.

Some of the younger people who visited the units said they wished they were 55 so they could move in.

If you are interested in a guided tour or a rental or just want to see what is included in Maravillosa, click on here.

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8 units damaged after fire at apartment complex near USF Tue, 30 Nov 2021 10:58:13 +0000

TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – Firefighters worked overnight to put out a blaze that ravaged a Tampa apartment complex, damaging several units.

The fire started at Stone Creek Point Apartments, 13275 Arbor Pointe Cir, located near the University of Florida.

8 On Your Side spoke with a full-time student resident at USF. He could not return to his apartment as the damage was extensive.

“I’m going to have to call for my job. I mean I have finals; my computer is destroyed. I don’t know what I’m going to do, ”said Samuel Adan Martinez. “All my books, all my music, everything I’ve been working on this whole semester. I have a recital next semester, all those notes, it’s all gone. All our furniture is gone, we have nothing left. .

The fire caused significant damage to eight units in the complex. At this time, it is not known how the blaze started, the Hillsborough County Fire Department is still investigating.

The Red Cross was also on site overnight to help residents affected by the fire.

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Athens: the apartment building phenomenon Sun, 28 Nov 2021 20:16:13 +0000

“Housing has become a commodity and the type of property has changed in Greece. It remains to be seen how this changes human geography in apartment buildings and life in Athens neighborhoods, ”explains Thomas Maloutas, professor of social geography at Harokopio University. [Antony Surace]

The Athenian building is a living organism whose evolution reflects broader social and economic changes, most recently from the decade-long financial crisis, followed by the emergence of Athens as a popular tourist destination, the advent from short-term rentals, the Golden Visa program and the influx of foreign capital that followed, before the pandemic paused – but not stopped – some fascinating developments.

Thomas Maloutas, professor of social geography in the geography department of Harokopio University, is one of the experts who has extensively studied the “phenomenon” of the Athenian building.

“What has changed today is our perception of the whole ‘antiparochi’ affair,” he said, referring to a law passed in 1929 that flourished during the post-war period by which the owners of houses and land sold their property to a real estate developer. in exchange for a unit or two in the newly built block.

“Most people believed that antiparochi was a bad thing for the city, that it destroyed its architectural heritage, that it caused over-built neighborhoods and depressed their value. If this is not entirely wrong, we have accepted that this residential park has succeeded in providing a roof over the head of a wide range of social levels in a country that did not have a policy. housing. In addition – and this was recognized much later – the way residential development occurred in central Athens did not result in the creation of ghettos, i.e. areas with exclusively poor populations trapped in a cycle of isolation. The building, this bizarre phenomenon, has in fact created a socially inclusive space, ”explains Maloutas.

New legislation introduced in the mid-1980s banned ground-floor and mezzanine apartments, which also changed the vertical division of space. Before that, larger apartments – and wealthier tenants – tended to be at the top of the building, smaller ones – and less well-off residents – lower.

“Apartment buildings became more socially homogeneous from the mid-1980s onwards. The upper floors continued to be more expensive, but they did not cater to a different social class than the lower floors. The social divide between the floors has narrowed. In addition, the tendency for the size of the apartment to be determined by the floor it was on decreased over time, ”explains Maloutas.

The antiparochi system, meanwhile, has all but disappeared over the past decade, as the motives – tax and zoning – that motivated the regime have been abolished.

“In addition, Athens is not what it was in the 1960s: its population is growing every day, which has led to intense demand. There are no longer any empty plots, because most of the city has already been built, ”explains Maloutas.

“The residential market stagnated during the economic crisis, a development which was due on the one hand to what was happening to us, the Greeks, and, on the other hand, to the fact that Athens had little interest in investment for foreigners. This interest began to appear gradually as the country emerged from the crisis, which also coincided with the rise in the tourist trend. A new type of demand has been created, directly linked to the residential market. It is revealing that in the period just before the pandemic, three out of four purchases were made by foreign buyers and not by Greeks, ”he explains.

These changes have changed the social identity of some apartment buildings, but not radically, according to the expert.

“Part of the population moved to the suburbs from the early 1990s onwards. Apartments became unwanted and many of them gradually began to find new tenants in the form of immigrants. That more or less remained the case until Airbnb came in and changed the equation. People who had found accommodation in the less desirable parts of apartment buildings were pressured to leave. Until the advent of Airbnb, apartment buildings were the bulwark against gentrification because no investor would buy these apartments. But Airbnb has given the owners of these apartments hope for income, which means their vulnerable tenants have been displaced, but not, of course, to the point of creating a wave of homelessness, ”says Maloutas.

This in turn resulted in an increase in rental rates, which amounted to 30% over the period 2016-17. “The pandemic held it back, but didn’t stop it, because a lot of the apartments didn’t take over long-term leases,” he says.

Regarding the advent of many apartments and apartment buildings in central Athens owned by foreigners, Maloutas says this is a development whose impact on the city will become apparent over the years. coming years.

“On the one hand, the new owner does not care about the social origin of the tenant – many Greek owners have done this, often in a racist manner. On the other hand, housing has become a commodity and the type of property has changed in Greece. It remains to be seen how this changes human geography in apartment buildings and life in Athens neighborhoods.

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Man injured in apartment fire southeast of Santa Rosa that killed cat Sat, 27 Nov 2021 03:22:30 +0000

Firefighters say “a wall heater with combustible materials nearby” may have played a role in a fire that damaged a Santa Rosa apartment and left a man hospitalized with minor cuts and smoke inhalation on Friday afternoon .

The fire at an apartment on Yulupa Avenue near Mayette Avenue was reported at 1:23 p.m., Santa Rosa Fire Battalion Chief Jason Jenkins said as firefighters stood a few feet away on the roof of the burning house.

Firefighters broke into the house and found the fire was burning in the living room and bedroom, firefighters said in a statement.

The fire was brought under control about twenty minutes after the arrival of the firefighters.

Its exact cause is under investigation and damages are estimated at $ 100,000. The American Red Cross comes to the aid of the occupier.

The flames “severely damaged” the unit, but all others were still habitable and residents returned home after being evacuated from the two-story building, Jenkins said.

A woman living in the destroyed unit, which was on the second floor, said she and her mother were not there during the fire but her son and his girlfriend were outside.

A neighbor alerted her son to the fire and he ran inside to save his cat, she told The Press Democrat.

He broke a window to get inside and was taken to Providence Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital for cuts and smoke inhalation, Jenkins said.

The man’s mother, who declined to give his name, said her son is doing well but “he will need stitches”.

She confirmed that her 4-year-old cat, Shadow, died in the fire.

“She was a fiery little cat,” the woman said.

Shadow was discovered under a bed, firefighters said.

Firefighters weren’t sure exactly how many people had been evacuated as a result of the blaze. Firefighters were present for about two hours as smoke lingered in the air.

Nate Rasmason, 39, lives next door and said he heard alarms go off before seeing smoke and fire coming out of the unit.

The fire department arrived a few minutes later and he waved them down. Outside, he heard the sounds of shattering and shattering of glass.

Overall, the damage was done within a short period of time.

“I don’t think it’s been that long,” Rasmason said.

You can contact editors Colin Atagi at 707-521-5390 or and Alana Minkler at 707-526-8511 or

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Apartments planned above Elko hospital | Government and Politics Tue, 23 Nov 2021 19:45:00 +0000

ELKO – A planned apartment complex above the Northeastern Nevada Regional Hospital will contain larger units due to the rising cost of housing.

The Elko Planning Commission approved changes this month at the request of developer Elko West Properties LLC, owned by Doug and Jon Bailey.

“There have been changes in the market that we are responding to,” Bailey Homes’ Sheldon Hetzel told the panel. Plans now call for a mix of two and three bedroom units to give residents more options due to the “huge jump” in house prices over the past year, he said.

The 107 units of the complex will be spread over nine buildings of three floors each.

City planner Cathy Laughlin said the project is consistent with land use in the area and exceeds parking requirements.

The anticipated traffic of 781 daily trips was not enough to trigger a traffic study. Currently, the only access is from the Lamoille highway, but plans eventually provide for the extension of Errecart Boulevard to Chemin Bullion.

According to municipal staff reports, only part of the property can currently be served by water from the town of Elko due to the elevation. The property can be serviced by Elko Town sewers and other non-municipal utilities.

The complex was initially approved in October 2019 and the developers have applied for a grading permit. The plans had to be changed after Elko West did not receive a slope easement from a neighboring landowner.

The conditions imposed on the project include landscaping along the Errecart Boulevard right-of-way, no on-street parking permitted on Errecart Boulevard or Summit Raceway, and no recreational vehicle storage permitted.

The developer will also have to install a pedestrian crossing through Errecart.

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San Rafael lifts partial ban on in-laws’ apartments Mon, 22 Nov 2021 01:47:44 +0000

An updated ordinance on apartment approvals by law in San Rafael does not include a ban on hillside neighborhoods despite concerns about fire safety and emergency access.

San Rafael City Council voted unanimously on Monday to approve rules for “accessory housing units” – also known as ADUs or apartments by law – to realign the city with the state laws. The rules also apply to junior secondary suites, or JADUs.

In October, council approved a 45-day emergency moratorium on approvals in some hillside neighborhoods to give staff time to consider whether the city had the power to regulate parking and ban parking. ADU in these areas. The rationale for the ban was that narrow roads in hillside communities restricted access for fire trucks and other large emergency vehicles.

“We believe there are ways to compensate for the security concerns without banning all ADUs,” Deputy City Prosecutor Nira Doherty said.

Doherty said local towns and villages are not permitted to impose standards or prohibitions on a subcategory of ADUs that includes those measuring 800 square feet or less; a single internal conversion ADU; a JADU; or DSUs in multi-family dwellings. Most of the applications received by the city fall into this category, she said.

“We cannot ban these categories of ADUs even if there are public safety concerns, even if there are traffic problems and even if there is an inadequate water supply,” Doherty said. .

Over the years, state legislators have passed a series of laws to stimulate housing creation by limiting limitations imposed by local governments. An update to ADU laws in January makes it easier for applicants to get approval for their projects.

However, while examining the San Rafael neighborhoods for fire safety and emergency access, firefighters identified several residential streets where parked cars were causing problems.

As an example, Fire Chief Darin White cited an incident on Fremont Road in 2016 when firefighters were unable to drive their vehicles to the end of the road. Firefighters had to park and transport equipment, he said.

The moratorium applied to some 40 residential roads. They included Chula Vista Drive in the San Rafael Hill area; Eucalyptus Lane in the Montecito / Happy Valley area; Roger Drive in the Dominican quarter; Bayo Vista Way in Sun Valley; and many more in the West End, Gerstle Park, Bret Harte and Picnic Valley areas.

White and city staff have agreed that the newly painted parking lots on some of these streets will keep passage clear for fire trucks and other emergency vehicles in the event of an emergency.

Some residents were not convinced.

“Parking will not solve this problem,” said Victoria DeWitt, a resident.

Resident Susan Bradford has said in general that she is in favor of ADUs, but only when they are located “in safe areas where there is adequate parking and access for fire trucks.”

“It is dangerous to put more people and goods in these kinds of areas,” she said.

Board member Rachel Kertz called the ADU issue a red herring. The real problem is the non-compliant streets, not the ADUs, she said.

“This provides a housing opportunity that we need,” Kertz said of ADUs.

Council member Eli Hill said he plans to contact lawmakers to see if some of the language in the ordinance can be cleaned up to address safety concerns.

“I support the ADU legislation overall,” he said. “But I think that doesn’t allow us the level of flexibility that I think is important to look at in certain scenarios that I think we could apply more objective standards.”

The city’s ordinance will be sent to the California Department of Housing and Community Development for review.

Doherty said the ministry did not actually approve the order, but was reviewing it for inconsistencies. This gives the city the option to change its ordinance or to argue why it complies with state law.

The staff report and the order are online at

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Fairstead Unveils Newly Renovated Apartments at Atlantis in Virginia Beach | national news Thu, 18 Nov 2021 23:28:00 +0000

VIRGINIA BEACH, Virginia, November 18, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Fairstead, a goal-oriented, vertically integrated real estate company committed to sustainability and the creation and preservation of high-quality housing, today unveiled newly renovated homes at Atlantis Apartments in Virginia Beach. The first of 208 affordable apartments has seen large-scale renovations, with families moving into apartments with kitchens, bathrooms, flooring and more this week. Fairstead hosted an open house for all residents of Atlantis to see the completed units and imagine their new homes.

This step marks the start of the first phase of a year of renovation of the apartments. Home to more than 600 residents, the renovation project will bring much-needed improvements – the first in 15 years – to the 51-year-old property.

“Fairstead is committed to the future of Atlantis,” said Estelle Chan, director, development at Fairstead. “We are proud to show our progress and give the residents of Atlantis a glimpse of the transformation to come at home. Across the country, Fairstead creates and maintains high quality housing that allows residents to stay and thrive in the communities they love.

Fairstead acquired the Virginia Beach property in July and invests $ 15 million in renovations for the 12-acre community, including new kitchens, appliances, bathrooms, flooring and fixtures, as well as new and improved windows, roofs and HVAC systems. In addition to existing amenities – a daycare, laundry room, basketball courts, and playgrounds – Fairstead is adding a community garden, fitness center, and computer room.

Following the acquisition of the property in July, Fairstead launched the neighborhood’s first public-private collaboration on Atlantis Community Day, created to provide essential community social services in partnership with more than 20 civic organizations and local religious to Atlantis residents, as well as Fairstead’s first annual event $ 25,000 donation to support the Virginia Beach Parks and Recreation Youth Opportunities Office. The new public-private collaboration includes representatives from the Seatack Civic League, Virginia Beach Public Libraries, Palms Church, the Department of Education, Housing and Neighborhood Preservation, Parks and Recreation, the Department of Health, local law enforcement and Fairstead.

Since acquiring the property, Fairstead has worked with local partners to deliver services and programs to Atlantis. Fairstead created a monthly partner-parent meeting to encourage closer links between school and home and provided transportation for children to school in case of driver shortages. The Virginia Beach Public schools brought their reading bus to Atlantis, a fun and engaging way for families to promote reading and literacy. Atlantis parents hosted a fall community Halloween festival, with support from Fairstead, after connecting through a monthly partner and parent meeting. Fairstead also coordinated a COVID vaccination clinic, providing access to the vaccine to Atlantis and our neighbors.

Fairstead’s design and construction team leads its renovation projects across the country. Since march 2020, Fairstead completed 1,199 renovations. Having an internal team provides cost effective and efficient solutions for the project. This group of experienced professionals, drawn from architecture, engineering, design and data science, bring a holistic and innovative approach to the renovation process. Fairstead has comprehensive property takeover procedures, which have been streamlined in the transition of over 10,000 units to internal management due to acquisitions and internal asset management.

Fairstead recently announced a new $ 500 million commitment of equity capital to strategically develop the company’s operations, including expanding its multi-family housing portfolio and enhancing the company’s accessory technology, sustainability and community impact programs. The company made significant acquisitions this month, including 691 affordable housing units for seniors and families in Newark, New Jersey. The Alexandria Redevelopment and Housing Authority (ARHA) recently announced that it has chosen Fairstead, in partnership with Mill Creek Residential and The Communities Group, to redevelop the Samuel Madden Homes in Old Town Alexandria, where the company will establish. a sustainable mixed-use community. with affordable housing and for the workforce.

About Fairstead

Fairstead is a goal-oriented, vertically integrated real estate developer specializing in the creation of high quality, sustainable housing. Since 2014, Fairstead has acquired or developed more than $ 4 billion owned. With offices in new York, Maryland, and Caroline from the south, the Fairstead team manages more than 90 communities across the country and manages its comprehensive real estate platform, which includes acquisitions and development, venture capital investments in prop technology, design and construction, energy and sustainability, property management, marketing and leasing. The company also administers one of the most proactive community impact programs in the industry to provide on-site support services to residents. For more information visit

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Demand for new apartments in Sydney rebounds to its highest level in four years Wed, 17 Nov 2021 08:46:00 +0000

According to Urbis, only 5% of available stock sold in the September quarter, compared to 7% and 11% in previous quarters.

Mr Dawson said Melbourne’s harsher lockdown, which contrasted with greater freedom in Sydney (such as the ability to still physically inspect properties), also contributed to weaker conditions in the Victorian capital.

Despite those weak sales figures, he said Melbourne developers could follow Sydney and profit from improving conditions as the city emerges from lockdown.

The prospect of international borders reopening, leading to the return of international students and their mom and dad investors, could also start to reinvigorate Melbourne’s hardest hit inner city apartment market, Mr Dawson said.

New figures from CoreLogic also show that the number of rental apartments available in central Melbourne has fallen 46% since February (after falling rents of over 30%), as has much better value for money – the average price, will also encourage the return of investors. Melbourne apartments in the year through September were $ 746,000, compared to $ 1.28 million in Sydney.

The booming Gold Coast apartment market, where 56% of available inventory sold in the September quarter, led off-plan charges – as it has done all year – compared to 42 % in the June quarter.

The neighboring Brisbane market has also benefited from the influx of interstate investors into Queensland and the increased demand induced by the city winning the 2032 Olympic bid, as 39% of the apartments offered for sale were purchased in the September quarter, a sharp increase from 24 percent in the prior quarter.

Nationally, Urbis forecast 9,732 fewer apartment completions in 2021 compared to 2020 and 19,698 fewer than when the market peaked in 2018, mainly due to downturns in Sydney and Melbourne, which delayed the launch. new projects.

However, supply is expected to start increasing as Sydney and Melbourne reopen and the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Perth markets continue to sell off using current inventories.

“Supply will likely need to be mobilized quickly to cope with the effects of increased immigration as border restrictions continue to erode,” Dawson said.

“This is especially the case after a four-year period where the volume of launches, approvals and applications has trended downward across the country.”

In line with the growing proportion of sales to owner-occupiers since the pandemic – 35% of sales to investors was the lowest level Urbis recorded since it began surveying the apartment market in 2015 – the demand for apartments larger ones continued to increase as the actual sizes of two- and three-bedroom apartments grew.

In the year ending September, 27 percent of apartments sold had three or more bedrooms, while 55 percent had two bedrooms. Only 18 percent were one-bedroom apartments or studios.

In contrast, only 15% of apartments sold in the pre-pandemic third quarter of 2019 had three or more bedrooms, while a third of apartments sold were one-bedroom apartments or studios.

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Three apartment buildings sell for $ 96 million | Jax Daily Record | Jacksonville Daily Record Mon, 15 Nov 2021 14:06:17 +0000

New York-based Cyclone Investment Group and Skywood Properties have teamed up to purchase three Jacksonville apartment communities for a combined $ 96 million.

They collectively have 842 units and include the Cross Creek Apartments, 1441 Manotak Ave .; Riverview Apartment Homes, 301 Caravan Circle; and Les Colonnes, 333 Laurina St.

The combined price is an average of $ 114,014 per unit.

CBRE Group Inc. brokers Cliff Taylor and Joe Ayers represented Los Angeles-based seller Oro Capital Advisors.

Riverview Apartment Homes at 301 Caravan Circle.

Jeff Kinney and Phil Rachels of CBRE Capital Markets arranged the three-year bridge financing with Arbor Realty Trust. The loan represented 80% of the total costs for the buyer.

Taylor said in a Nov. 11 press release that the deal presented a good investment opportunity for buyers.

The release said that in the past seven quarters, Jacksonville has been the nation’s third best market for multi-family rental growth behind Phoenix and Tampa.

“The successful collaboration with our sales team and our lender has provided our client with the most competitive execution available in the market,” Kinney said in the release.

The three properties have been combined into one sale price. Duval County Clerk’s records show the Cross Creek apartments were sold for $ 31 million; Riverview Apartment Homes sold for $ 36 million; and The Columns sold for $ 29 million.

All acts were done on November 9.

The columns of 333, rue Laurina.

Cross Creek Apartments is a 29-building property with 292 apartments averaging 961 square feet. It occupies 19.9 acres and was built in 1973.

Facilities include a swimming pool, secure access, playground and laundry facilities. The current assessed value is $ 15.85 million.

It was last sold in 2017 for $ 15.2 million.

Riverview Apartment Homes is a 21-building property with 301 units averaging 952 square feet. It covers 20.6 acres and was built in 1974.

It has a business center, swimming pool, playground, picnic area, soccer field and laundry facilities. The current assessed value is $ 12.4 million and the last sale was in 2017 for $ 16.3 million.

The Columns is a 29-building property with 246 units averaging 902 square feet on 12.7 acres. It was built in 1968.

It has a swimming pool and laundry facilities. The current assessed value is $ 13.2 million and the last sale was in 2017 for $ 13.15 million.

Be the first to hear about the latest news and information business leaders rely on in this fast-paced Northeast Florida economy. Regional business news, trends and statistics needed to grow your business. Key events you can’t miss and much more.

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Newtown Zoning 40 Acres of Industrial Land to Allow 170 Seniors-Only Apartments Tue, 09 Nov 2021 11:04:54 +0000 NEWTOWN – A Greenwich developer’s plan to build 170 senior citizen apartments on city-owned industrial land reached a milestone when Newtown agreed to rezone the property, paving the way for a final detailed review of the property. multi-million dollar deal.

“This is the culmination of a 15-year city effort,” Don Mitchell, chairman of the Newtown Planning and Zoning Commission, said in a public hearing last week. “A previous proposal was for 12 or 15 industrial buildings in this location – which is right next to the stream and good sources of water …, but it is a very difficult industrial location to establish.

Mitchell refers to a 42-acre property on Commerce Road that Newtown has been trying to sell for economic development for two decades. It’s next to the 34 acres Catherine Violet Hubbard Animal Sanctuary, a non-profit organization founded in memory of a girl killed in the Sandy Hook shooting.

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