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Getting around Chile by bus, bike or boat

Chile may seem like a small country, but the distance between Punta Arenas in the south and Arica in the north is about 5,000 km (3,100 miles). It’s roughly the same distance between New York and San Francisco. Traveling in this long, narrow country is almost always a question of …

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OMG, I want to rent this house: Saint Lucia

Saint Lucia (Vrbo): There was something about this summer that was particularly busy. First, there was the pressure to bounce back to a normal life; then we went through the pendulum swing of the next peak of COVID “is she okay or not?” Through it all, we have been forced …

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Deep whip wounds on Duterte

There is a saying in Tagalog: “Hampas sa kalabaw, latay sa kabayo (Whip on the carabao, whip marks on the horse).” I remember this indigenous adage when much of the Filipino media seems unable to record a proper assessment of Maria Ressa’s achievement of the Nobel Peace Prize. Under normal …

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