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Tulum is a small town located about 2 hours south of Cancun airport in the Yucatan Peninsula. The destination is a perfect retreat for couples and solo travelers due to its idyllic beaches and yoga centers. Other than that, what amazes tourists to this place is the offbeat adventure the place has to offer. So, for anyone looking forward to visiting the vacation spot anytime soon, these resorts are some of the best options to unwind.

  1. La Zebra Colibri Boutique Hotel
    La Zebra Colibri Boutique Hotel is a solid choice for travelers looking for a luxurious place to rejuvenate. Located in the heart of Tulum’s Hotel Zone, The Hideout is within walking distance of shops and restaurants. What’s more interesting is that the resort’s rooms strike a perfect balance between modern and traditional aesthetics, which provides a welcoming ambience for tourists. Guests who check in here also have the chance to savor the elaborate eight-course tasting menu with chef Eleazar Bonilla, which is one of the USPs of the stay.

  2. Tulum beach
    The Beach is an adult getaway in Tulum that offers plenty of facilities for its crowd. There are 28 rooms in total that come with plunge pools, private hot tubs, beachfront location, and screened porches. Along with that free breakfast, welcome drinks, bike rentals, and free parking are what make this place one of a kind.

  3. Kore Tulum Retreat and Spa Resort
    This is yet another adult-only resort in the picturesque setting of Tulum, which is known for its privileges. The relaxing retreat is all-inclusive and offers extensive on-site facilities and airport transfers. Apart from that, organized activities such as volleyball, karaoke, themed events such as foam parties and Mexican buffets make this the best place for adults.

  4. Dreams Tulum Resort and Spa
    Dreams Tulum Resort and Spa sits on a quiet beach and has 432 rooms in total. The property includes additional amenities, which range from six restaurants, two pools, a spa, and a fitness center. While many resorts in Tulum cater to young couples and adults, this one is a family-friendly resort that has a kids’ club and teen area for Gen-Z.

  5. Cabanas Tulum Beach Hotel and Spa
    One of the best located resorts in Tulum is the Cabanas Beach Hotel and Spa. What makes the place different from the rest is that it is just a short walk from the coast. Other than that, a gym, spa, sauna, private hot tubs, plunge pools, and Turkish baths on-site are major attractions that are hard to miss.

  6. Jungle Keva Tulum Villa Lodges
    Jungle Keva is a luxury resort in Tulum known for its minimalist vibe. This quintessential jungle paradise is adorned with rich wood accents and is a smart way to detour from seaside locales. The family retreat also offers babysitting services, making it ideal for new parents.

  7. Amansala Eco Chic Resort and Spa
    This hideaway is located in front of the beach and is surrounded by greenery all around, making it a perfect eco-friendly hub for travelers. The property hosts a bikini boot camp every week and has several amenities such as fitness classes and guided tours for guests. Plus, you can spice up your trip a bit by enjoying delicious cocktails at the beach club right next door.

  8. Azulik Tulum
    Designed as a nest of branches, Azulik has around 48 villas in its surroundings to rest your head. The property also houses a contemporary art gallery, a spa center and an ancestral medicine house within its perimeter. Lit only by candlelight, the resort is the perfect place to re-establish lost ties with mother nature.

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Dubai tenants become homeowners as rents soar and mortgage rates hold Sun, 07 Aug 2022 04:05:11 +0000

Rising rental prices are pushing many Dubai residents to buy property for the first time in the emirate, property experts have said.

One of the main reasons for this trend is that mortgage prices are now in line, or often cheaper, than the monthly cost of renting a home in Dubai.

The difficulty of having to renegotiate rent every year was another reason people wanted to become landlords, first-time buyers said. The National.

The catalyst for a large portion of residents debating renting versus buying is that monthly mortgage payments are now either comparable or often lower on the buy side.

Charlie Bannan, Haus and Haus Immobilier

“We’ve seen a number of Dubai residents go from renting property to buying their first home across the city,” said Charlie Bannan, sales manager for Haus and Haus Real Estate.

“With rental prices up around 20% over the last 12 months in Dubai’s main communities and buyer registrations at an all-time high for Haus and Haus over the same period, the two are certainly linked.

“The catalyst for a large portion of residents debating renting versus buying is that monthly mortgage payments are now either comparable or often less on the buy side.”

Another factor behind the rise in home ownership is that many residents have lived in the UAE for several years and now want to put down roots.

A three-bedroom villa in Sidra, Dubai Hills, costs between Dh280,000 and Dh300,000 a year to rent, but Mr Bannan said the mortgage payments for the houses, which are valued at Dh4.85 million, would be less than Dh250,000 per year.

“Naturally, this is only an option for residents who have the cash funds available for the initial down payment to transition from renting to buying,” he said.

Some of the most popular places for first-time buyers in the emirate include Dubai Hills, Arabian Ranches and Emirates Living.

The property expert said one of the most common requests from tenants wanting to buy a property is that they can move into it almost immediately.

“The primary requirement for buyers looking to buy in today’s market is a vacant home on transfer, which means they can occupy the residence once they have taken full ownership,” said Mr Bannan.

“We are seeing, now more than ever, buyers open to more than one community to find a home that not only fits their wants and needs, but also ticks the primary box of being vacant upon transfer.”

There was an increase of up to 21% in the cost of renting a “reasonably priced” apartment in Dubai in the first half of 2022, according to data published by Bayut and dubizzle.

The cost of renting luxury apartments has increased by an average of 43%, while the rent for a high-end villa has increased by up to 30%.

Visa status led to first purchase

A Dubai resident who bought a new home after renting for more than two decades is Craig Cochrane from the UK.

“One of the reasons we decided to buy was the volatility of the rental market. I was not looking forward to having to renegotiate every year with the owner,” said Mr. Cochrane, who works in the hospitality industry.

Craig Cochrane bought his first property in Dubai after living in the emirate for 23 years.  Photo: Craig Cochrane

“Before, I was worried that because my visa was tied to my job, it wouldn’t make sense to buy a property, because we didn’t know how long we would be here.

“Everything changed last year when I received a golden visa. It made me think it was the right time to finally buy a property.

Mr Cochrane is set to become the owner of a three-storey apartment in Dubai Marina next month.

He currently lives in a villa in Jumeirah Park with his wife and three children.

He did not reveal how much he paid for his new home, but admitted monthly repayments would be less than the Dh250,000 he currently pays in rent.

UK-born Katy Granville, who works in marketing, is also buying her first property in Dubai.

“We wanted a place of our own instead of paying rent,” she said.

“I lived here with my husband for 11 years and over time, and three children later, we decided we wanted to stay here for at least the medium term.

Katy Granville and her family bought their first home in Dubai.  Photo: Katy Granville

“What kicked us off was that when property prices started to rise last year, our landlord decided he wanted to sell, so he gave us our opinion of expulsion.”

Now Ms Granville is set to move into her new home at The Villa, having rented a house in the Mira community in South Dubai for the past few years.

She paid 120,000 Dh rent per year. She wouldn’t say how much she’s paying for her new home, except that the monthly payments will be more than what she currently spends on rent.

“It’s worth it, though, to have a much bigger house and to know that we don’t have the annual hassle of having to renew the rent,” she said.

Another property expert said it was clear the mindset of many residents was changing.

“People are wondering why should they continue to rent when the market continues to rise and they could get a fixed monthly mortgage,” said Mario Volpi, sales and rental manager at Engel & Volkers Dubai .

“It makes sense if they are secure in their jobs. It’s definitely a trend I see.

Updated: August 07, 2022, 04:00

“We always bring a teapot”: readers share the unusual objects they take on vacation | Travel Fri, 05 Aug 2022 17:56:00 +0000

One in 30 Britons take a CD player on holiday, while more than a quarter still bring a camera, according to a survey. But British luggage choices go far beyond outdated gadgets. We spoke to seven people about the most unusual items they pack for their vacation.

‘We always bring a teapot with a cozy tea’

Edward’s teapot and teapot. Photograph: Community of Guardians

We always take a pewter teapot with a comforter to keep the lid from rattling, plus a pack of tea bags. It’s a habit we picked up after our first InterRail adventure 10 years ago, when after 14 days, and on the back of a delayed and stressful overnight train, we came across a cafe in Salzburg that offered “Englischer Tee” and suddenly everything was fine again.

On our second trip, we took tea bags and powdered milk (always good to carry a small bag of unlabeled white powder through customs!) and went from there. Whether you’re staying in a Premier Inn in Croydon or a lovely apartment in Verona, nothing beats a good cup of tea, a taste of home, a reset after a long journey, refreshment after a long day in a new town. Edward, 29, a railway engineer, derbyshire

‘I bring a mini electric crepe maker’

Lynn and her mini electric crepe maker. Photograph: Community of Guardians

I bring a film camera from the 1980s with a supply of black and white film, a CD player and a set of Patti Smith CDs, a mini DVD player with a box, a mini coffee maker and a mini electric crepe maker.

I love taking pictures and developing them with the Caffenol method. I kinda like Patti Smith and like to have my CD set with me. I use the DVD player to watch Scandi Noir late at night. The Mini Electric Crepe Maker warms up buns, crumpets, store-bought pancakes, scones, and basically anything small enough to fit.

A CD player can be used while traveling and does not need to be connected to the Internet. Add a small speaker and you have a mini ghetto blaster. It runs on batteries, so you can use it anywhere. Lynn, 62, English teacher, Washington, Tyne and Wear

“My traveling companions laughed at me”

cooking tools
Patrick’s kitchen equipment and loudspeaker. Photograph: Community of Guardians

My friends and I have vacationed in Lanzarote, Sicily and rented in England. A small box grater always comes with me. And a sharp chef’s knife, a pepper mill and a non-stick frying pan. Rental properties or villas never have decent kitchen equipment, so I like to travel prepared. My traveling companions laughed at me but see the method in my madness when all the knives in the villa drawer are dull.

I don’t like lying in the sun – I prefer to put on some music (with “the magic little speaker” in the photo) and cook lunch or dinner for all of us. I love making eggs in purgatory, shakshuka, pasta and pizza, or a lunchtime smörgåsbord. The box grater, chef’s knife, pepper mill and non-stick pan have saved the day on many trips to gorgeous villas with a terrible kitchen kit. Patrick, 57, occupational psychologist, London

“I highly recommend taking a shower head”

Alan with his rain shower head. Photograph: Community of Guardians

We take a decent showerhead. Too often hotels and villas have those tiny showerheads that just don’t have a good spray, even luxury hotels. I know we’re picky, but it transforms the stay when you can take a rain shower in the morning. I highly recommend it, there is always room in the bag.

We usually go to Mediterranean countries and around the UK. We had dozens of bad showers until 2019 when we found the solution. This is a rain type head with different settings. The water pressure where we stay is generally good so it is the shower head that lets hotels down. We stayed in an older five star in Rhodes that had an aging shower head. Instead of moaning, we changed it and pure luxury was the result. Alan, organic food retailer, London

“Before, we took a gramophone, but it was a little too heavy”

Simon’s record player on a camping trip in Wales. Photograph: Community of Guardians

We usually take a portable record player camping with a single box of vinyl. We used to take a gramophone, but it was a bit too heavy and noisy. The photo above was taken on Shell Island, Llanbedr – but we also visited Burnham Deepdale, Norfolk and Bishop’s Castle in Shropshire.

We have quite a variety of tastes in music, but when camping we love the nostalgia of soundtracks from the past summer. We pack a case of ‘village hall disco’ records – which can range from pre-Beatles bubblegum pop and psychedelic weirdness, to glamorous, novelty records (especially the late great Bernard Cribbins) and early synth 80s (The Human League, Soft Cell, Depeche Mode). Simon, 55, Scarborough

“If I don’t drive, I will knit”

Becki knitting
Becki’s knitting is in progress. Photograph: Community of Guardians

I’m taking Fair Isle knitting with me on vacation. In the UK I can usually take on a large project like a cardigan as there is room for the many colors of yarn and the gradually growing garment. If it is a carry-on only, I will make a small woolen pouch with a project such as a pair of socks or a hat.

Needles are important – either five double-pointed needles or one circular needle of various sizes for most projects. If I’m not driving, I’ll sit and knit to pass the time. Becki, 55, dyslexia specialist, Chester

‘I take a ripper and a peeler’

Samir. Photograph: Community of Guardians

We usually stay in apartments and Airbnbs as there are four of us (my wife and I and two teenagers) and we love to cook. I usually take a wireless router and access point. And a potato peeler. The peeler because those of the lodgings are often not very good. And the router to bypass all wifi issues. Granted, I usually can’t improve the underlying speed of the connection – though you’d be surprised how often they’re misconfigured – but at least this way everyone in the family can access them. Sameer, 48, London

The 8 Best Rental Homes in Temecula, CA Wine Country Wed, 03 Aug 2022 18:41:33 +0000

In vino veritas and, in truth, wine is an almost magical drink. Of that, you probably don’t need to be convinced. Less well known, however, is the power of wine to create unforgettable vacation experiences. The best of these involves not just drinking the libation, but exploring its origins.

Temecula is the jewel of Southern California wine country. A hilly land between San Diego and Los Angeles, it is an excellent destination for any type of trip. The region has over 50 active vineyards, but wine is by no means the only attraction. The scenery itself is simply stunning. In addition to this, the area has more than a dozen golf courses and is also a center for equestrian and hot air ballooning activities. The old town is full of fine restaurants and shops catering to the upscale visitors to the area. The Casino Pechanga is another attraction. It hosts a constant stream of events and concerts as well as gaming tables of all kinds. There are even a few breweries that challenge established wineries to their game and some of the best beaches in the state are just an hour away.

Rightly so for such a desirable location, Temecula is home to many beautiful rental properties in the form of opulent villas and rustic cottages on vineyard land. To make your decision-making process easier, here is a list of eight Vrbo rental homes in Temecula.

Paradise vacation area

Rent now
$1,395.00/avg per night

Large groups looking for larger-than-life experiences should consider this great area as the location for their unforgettable trip to the heart of Southern California wine country. The desirable elements of the property are too many and enticing to fully consider. They do, however, include incredible outdoor space, opulent furnishings, and a large art collection that seeps beyond the designated gallery space to encroach on every corner of the grounds. The estate consists of two buildings which can be rented separately. Small amounts of grapes are grown on the property so guests can admire the remarkable process that produces such enjoyable drinks.

Bedrooms: 11

Bathrooms : ten

Sleeping: 34

Villa Cabernet

Rent now
$1,035.00/avg per night

Relax and enjoy the finer things in life (wine, of course, but also so much more) at this large French villa in Temecula. This is the perfect place to enjoy the (fermented) fruits of the land. The outdoor space is suitably luxurious. It has a large swimming pool (with waterfall and waterslide), hot tub, daybeds, and an abundance of lounge chairs. The interior is equally awe-inspiring, from the towering, whirling wrought-iron staircase to the spacious bed and bathrooms. Despite the large size of the villa, no space has been overlooked. Each room and all of the many common areas and work spaces are furnished and decorated with rich ornaments.

Bedrooms: 8

Bathrooms : 8

Sleeping: 28

French country house

Rent now
$432.00/avg per night

Given the country’s strong associations with wine culture and culture, it’s no surprise that many California winemakers have adopted elements of the French style into their wine country homes. This Villa is a fine example of the trend. The interior is dominated by immaculate swathes of white, from the furniture to the walls. The property has inviting outdoor spaces with verandas, games, a hot tub, a classic Bel Air lamppost, and views of nearby vineyards (which, along with hiking trails, are a 5-minute walk away) . The land also adjoins an orange orchard.

Bedrooms: 2

Bathrooms : 2

Sleeping: 6

Villa Vigna

Rent now
$822.00/avg per night

There are times in life when everything in the world falls into place. Moments like this are known to happen when, wine in hand, you gaze out at the mountains above and the vineyards below from the comfort of an infinity pool. These are the gifts offered by Villa Vigna, a luxury house in wine country. With awe-inspiring views on all sides, lavish decor, and fantastic wine to be found all around, guests are hard pressed not to enjoy their time in Temecula. The property has a variety of rooms and is suitable for any type of gathering.

Bedrooms: 5

Bathrooms : 4

Sleeping: 12

The big Blue

Rent now
$930.00/mo per night

The vast wine-covered hills of Temecula can certainly be enjoyed up close, where you can stop and smell the grapes, but the view from above is even grander. For those who do not want to sleep in a hot air balloon, the grandiose panoramas of The big Blue are a suitable substitute. The villa is situated on a 5 acre property on top of a hill. Enjoy the view from the pool, 15-person hot tub, swim-up bar, or wrap-around balcony. The outdoor space is undoubtedly the highlight of the property, but the interior is nothing to scoff at. Apart from a few beautiful wooden beds, the furniture is generally contemporary. The home features five bedrooms (each with nothing smaller than a queen), a sleek contemporary kitchen, and four full bathrooms.

Bedrooms: 5

Bathrooms : 4

Sleeping: 12

Elegant barn on a vineyard

Rent now
$300.00/avg per night

Wine lovers always know where to get their next bottle, whether it’s their own cellar or the local distributor. Guests staying at this new barn-like structure just step outside their front door to find grapes growing on the surrounding hills. Trees bearing other fruit not intended to be made into wine are even closer. The space is essentially a studio, complete with a king-size bed, a sparkling bathroom with a freestanding tub, and an equipped kitchenette. There is also an outdoor area with a fire pit and grill. Four other similar structures are on the 4-acre property. The local grape is Tempranillo, but many others are found in the other wineries in the area (which have over 50), all of which can be reached after a short drive.

Bedrooms: 1

Bathrooms : 1

Sleeping: 2

Namaste Farm Cottage

Rent now
$315.00/avg per night

Wine isn’t the only industry in Temecula. The agricultural scene is much more diverse than that, made up of fruit growers and ranchers. An example of the latter is Namaste Farm, an active farm with a Cottage available for hire. The farm is filled with sheep, peacocks, horses and chickens and has been featured on the Nat Geo Wild TV show shear madness. Guests are free to explore the grounds and observe the timeless practice of herding. You can even bring your own horses and enjoy the many equestrian trails in the area (well-behaved dogs are also welcome). The gite is a cozy studio with quirky antiques and decorations. There is a bed in a loft with lush oriental decorations and a Murphy bed for additional guests.

Bedrooms: 1

Bathrooms : 1

Sleeping: 4

Del Vino Country House

Rent now
$404.00/avg per night

Enjoy the joys of the wine region of this charming cottage. The building sits on a 3 acre vineyard which means the grapes are not only blooming on the surrounding hills but also in the front yard. Syrah is grown on the property, but every variety and vintage imaginable is available from the many producers and vendors in the area. The house has three comfortable king beds, a beautiful outdoor area with a hot tub, and a full kitchen. More humble than most large villas in Temecula, this cottage is nonetheless a great way for a couple or small group to experience life among the vineyards.

Bedrooms: 3

Bathrooms : 2

Sleeping: 6

For the best things to do, wineries and more, while in Temecula, check out:

This magical suspension bridge near Ottawa winds through the treetops and it’s free to visit Tue, 02 Aug 2022 01:34:16 +0000

You’ll feel like a woodland fairy floating through the trees at this suspension bridge in Mont-Tremblant. If you are planning a road trip in the area and looking for things to do, this magical “Bridge of Dreams” is free to visit.

Bel Air Tremblant is a resort with domes, pods and cabin rentals but you don’t have to be a guest to take advantage of the activities offered. Everyone can walk through the trees and admire the view surrounded by twinkling lights.

This luminous trail is made up of four bridges connected by platforms from which you can gaze out through the treetops. Although you can walk through during the day, it’s even more magical at night, surrounded by the warm glow of the lights. You’ll find this pontoon bridge off a trail behind the Clubhouse.

Near the end of the bridge trail, there are openings through the trees where you’ll spot an animal farm in the distance. This is another of the many activities on offer here and is also free if you are looking to make a furry friend.

Resort staff recommends calling reception ahead of time so they can guide you to the bridge and inform you of security requirements. There is a maximum of six people who can be on each connecting platform and up to two people per suspension bridge at a time.

The bridge is open year-round except during heavy snowfalls in winter. In this case, you can instead enjoy snowmobiling, snowshoeing or dog sledding. In the summer, you can rent kayaks, go mountain biking, or zipline through the trees. There are different fees for each of these seasonal adventures.

Bridge of Dreams, Bel Air Tremblant

Price: Free

Address: 80 Rue des Sept Sommets, Mont-Tremblant, QC

Why you need to go: You can walk through the trees on an illuminated suspension bridge near Ottawa and feel like you’re in a fairy tale.


Before you go, check out our Guide to Responsible Travel to be informed, be safe, be smart, and most importantly, be respectful on your adventure.

Derelict San Francisco Painted Lady: Could this be the best makeup ever? Sun, 31 Jul 2022 02:33:00 +0000
One of San Francisco's Painted Ladies is for sale, but it's a total makeover.


One of San Francisco’s Painted Ladies is for sale, but it’s a total makeover.

San Francisco’s Painted Ladies of Postcard Row, as they are known, are one of the city’s most beloved tourist attractions. Each tour bus will stop on its way down the hill for views of the Seven Sisters, the stunning pastel-painted three-story Victorian villas of Steiner Avenue.

The properties even have their own social media accounts and have featured in numerous movies and TV shows, including Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

But the cream and red-brown gabled villa in the middle, next to the blue one, is a shock. You just wouldn’t choose it from the outside. Behind the glorious facade, the house is dilapidated and does not appear to have been lived in for some time.

The Painted Ladies of Postcard Row, also known as the Seven Sisters, are a famous landmark on Steiner Avenue, San Francisco.


The Painted Ladies of Postcard Row, also known as the Seven Sisters, are a famous landmark on Steiner Avenue, San Francisco.

The property, which like its neighbors was designed in the early 1890s by architect Matthew Kavanaugh, came on the market for US$3.55 million (NZ$5.73 million).

* Sandwiched cottage on Seatoun’s seafront has a cliffhanger surprise
* Cute-like cottage with surprising interior following renovation
* Original Bach resisting development at the Mont, but for how long?

The dilapidated home was sold in 2020 for the exact same amount to a woman who planned to redo it, but says Leah Culver’s renovation plans have been stalled by the pandemic, and she now wants her to be sold. She doesn’t have enough time to devote to the project.

The interior needs gutting and renovation, but the character elements remain.


The interior needs gutting and renovation, but the character elements remain.

Plans have been drawn up for a total redevelopment of the two <a class=apartments in the house.” style=”width:100%;display:inline-block”/>


Plans have been drawn up for a total redevelopment of the two apartments in the house.

And looking at the photos, it’s easy to see that this is a major project. There is mold in places, no maintenance appears to have been done for many years, and the kitchen appears to be the original cupboards installed perhaps at the turn of the last century. But under the peeling paint, there are clearly good bones.

The original Victorian character is still there, especially in the old sash windows and cornices.

Architect David Armor has drawn up restoration plans for the two-unit house, so that it can regain its original charm with all modern conveniences, and also be more “climatic”.

The largest upstairs unit will accommodate five bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms and will be 278 m². While the lower two-bedroom unit with its own utility room and entrance (an ideal rental) will be 83 m².

The original cabinets and shelves remain in this kitchen.


The original cabinets and shelves remain in this kitchen.

The plans have been approved by the Mills Act program for the restoration of historic homes, offering the new purchaser a substantial reduction in property taxes over a ten-year period.

And the location, next to Alamo Square Park, is considered the best, that goes without saying. Locals say you can expect to see plenty of famous movie stars at the neighborhood’s five-star restaurants.

The list is owned by Nina Hatvany of Compass, San Francisco, CA.

And here is the second kitchen in the upper unit.


And here is the second kitchen in the upper unit.

There is a nice view of the park in front.


There is a nice view of the park in front.

A large room under the top gable is a bonus.


A large room under the top gable is a bonus.

And here is the basement, with the original framework on the right.


And here is the basement, with the original framework on the right.

Croatia’s Newest Idyllic Getaway: Stanzia Baracija in Istria Fri, 29 Jul 2022 10:00:31 +0000

Isolated in the center. This is the slogan of Suzanne James Penavić’s alma mater, Cornell University. This is also how she describes the passion project she has spent the past five years undertaking alongside her husband, Krešimir Penavić, a stunning new villa called Stanzia Baracija.

It’s in Krasica, Istria, a corner of Croatia that most people (most North Americans, at least) have never heard of. Twelve miles from the Adriatic Sea, it is a bucolic and rural landscape of organic vineyards, olive groves, Mediterranean vegetation and picturesque villages. He feels wonderfully distant. And yet it is surrounded by places that we know and are easy to get to. Venice, Trieste, Ljubljana and Pula airports are all less than three hours away.

The Penavićs acquired the five-acre property in 2010, after it had been abandoned for around 50 years. It was two dilapidated houses; what is now the summer kitchen was literally a pigsty. Previously, the property was home to the Zlatić family, who built their residence and farm here in 1885. After the restoration, an elderly Zlatić began dropping by to see what his childhood home had become. It’s all part of the story and part of the charm.

As is often the case with these types of properties, the idea was to use it as a family vacation home for the Penavićs, who divide their time between Croatia, New York and Pennsylvania, and their adult children, who live in New York and Japan. But Krešimir, who previously worked for hedge funds, describes himself and his plans as “very pragmatic” and saw that it worked best as a private villa which they could also rent out to other guests.

They are right to want to show it and share it. “Our soul is in this house,” he says, noting that his cousin, who works for Croatian design studio Madres, did the interiors. It feels like a gracious old house – all reclaimed wood, local stone and antiques you’re not afraid to touch.

The main house is spread over four floors and connected to an elevator (always serious business in a historic house). The five bedrooms are spacious and air-conditioned, with wooden floors, excellent lighting, pastel colors and paintings from the owners’ collection. The terraces on the ground floor and the top floor offer a soothing view of the landscape. The guest house is a more intimate space with three bedrooms for six people, with a more contemporary atmosphere and furniture from top designers.

There’s also a cinema, game room, and wine cellar, though most guests gather around the pool (there’s plenty of seating) or the dining table on the terrace. And as is often the case, this table is best when loaded with meals or “light snacks” prepared by Barajica’s private chef, Priska Thuring, a celebrity chef who has cooked in some of the most prestigious kitchens. from Croatia (including Dubravkin Put, voted the best restaurant in Zagreb during each year of his tenure there) but seems to be happiest when foraging for food or trying out new ideas in her fermentation lab. (More on this later.)

When I visited, his snack consisted of pickled vegetables, Istrian cheese and cold cuts, delicious local-style bitter greens, anchovies on toast, soft cheese buns and carrots with asparagus wild, which she once again stuffed. To be honest, there were five of us and we needed food to go with the wines we were tasting – from nearby Krešimir winery, Clai, considered one of the best in Istria.

“When we left our professional life, we decided to devote our time and money to the things we love,” says Krešimir, a long-time wine collector and connoisseur. When he took over Clai, he kept winemaker Giorgio Clai on board, brought in Dmitri Brecevic, and encouraged experimentation — orange, natural (if not marketed as such), low-intervention, and generally interesting wines. They saved an old grape variety that had practically disappeared. Krešimir tried to get the government to recognize him with a DOC, which wasn’t as possible as the New Yorker in him had anticipated. “I got a story instead,” he says.

His next chapter will unfold this fall, when he and Thuring open his new restaurant near the estate. Stara Škola (“old school”, after the building it occupies) will be its showcase, a farm-to-table restaurant serving “honest food” that reflects its gastronomic technique while being much more relaxed. She implements a zero-waste program — one of the reasons for this fermentation lab — to make the place as sustainable and ethical as possible, and is committed to providing a simple lunch option for locals.

Because at the end of the day, it’s not that isolated at all, and community is its own essential ingredient – and something else that makes Barajica special.

BTS reality show filming spot will be on Airbnb for one night in August Tue, 26 Jul 2022 02:00:04 +0000

PYEONGCHANG, South Korea, July 26 (Yonhap) — Airbnb announced Tuesday that it has partnered with Hybe, the entertainment company behind BTS, to give fans of the K-pop group a chance to relive moments from Season 2 of ” IN The reality show “THE SOOP BTS”.

Airbnb said up to two guests can stay overnight at an iconic two-story mountaintop villa in the eastern alpine city of Pyeongchang on Aug. 29. Pyeongchang was the host city of the 2018 Winter Olympics.

The vacation rental services company said reservations will be open to anyone globally and cost US$7 – a nod to the seven members of the group – but it will only select one person depending on the on a first-come, first-served basis through reservations on its website, which is scheduled to open at 11 a.m. on Aug. 2 (10 p.m. EST on Aug. 1).

The event is part of Airbnb’s global “Only On Airbnb” campaign, which rents out famous sites featured in movies and TV series to selected guests.

Airbnb previously rented a recreation of Carrie’s New York apartment from the TV series “Sex and the City.” He also made available a one-night-only stay at the iconic house in the Christmas classic “Home Alone,” located in Chicago, last December.

BTS’s vacation home in Pyeongchang is the first South Korean location in the countryside where guests can stay overnight.

“Airbnb will strive to offer unique accommodations related to K-pop and K-dramas as part of the campaign,” Eum Sung-won, South Korean communications manager at Airbnb, told reporters.

K-pop and the wider Korean wave have resonated with young people around the world, cementing South Korea’s image as a cool country, home of K-pop phenomenon BTS and “Gangnam Style”, the hit song by South Korean rapper Psy in 2012.

Airbnb said it tried to preserve details of the home as closely as possible to what appeared in the reality TV series.

With the exception of RM’s second-floor study space, which turned into a guest bedroom, the place was decorated with artifacts reminiscent of moments from the show.

J-Hope’s model airplane, featured in both Season 1 and Season 2, hung from the ceiling, while a telescope used by BTS members to take in the scenery of the countryside was seen on the second floor .

RM’s signature home gym space has also been fully preserved inside the villa.

While three buildings featured in the TV series, the one open on Airbnb is not where the members slept, the company added.

Guests are responsible for their own travel to and from Pyeongchang Station, but will be provided round-trip transportation by car for the 20-minute journey from Pyeongchang Station to the Estate.

Airbnb said it will offer guests a $1,000 Airbnb travel credit in case the company cancels the stay due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Luxury waterfront villa in Turks & Caicos hits the market for $30 million Thu, 21 Jul 2022 18:22:00 +0000

A luxury villa in Turks & Caicos being renovated and expanded has hit the market for $30 million.

Sitting on 2 acres with more than 155 feet of water frontage on Long Bay Beach in Providenciales, the main house has 12,757 square feet of living space with six bedrooms and eight bathrooms, according to the published listing. earlier this week by Ian Hurdle of The Agency.

The expansion plan calls for four guest bungalows and staff quarters, bringing the total living space to 30,000 square feet, according to the listing.

Nicknamed Triton after the Greek god “of the sea”, the property is owned and developed by Fabrice Grinda, an entrepreneur and technology investor. He bought the villa in July 2019 for $11.5 million and has spent most of his time there during the pandemic, The Wall Street Journal previously reported.

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Like most vacation homes in Turks & Caicos, Triton is an income-generating rental property and the layout suits that need, with each bedroom including en-suite bathrooms, linens and TVs, according to the listing.

Outside, there are two beachside decks, a large sundeck, two pools, a tennis court, and a gym, according to the listing.

“Triton is one of the most extraordinary estates on the island, and a property of this magnitude is rarely brought to market,” Mr Hurdle said. With the expansion, it will become “the crown jewel on coveted Long Bay Beach,” he said.

Mr. Grinda, a French-born, New York-based entrepreneur and investor, was an angel investor in numerous tech companies, including Alibaba, Airbnb and Instacart. He was not immediately available for comment.

]]> How Cottage Food Regulations May Affect Your Home Canned Food Mon, 18 Jul 2022 00:47:00 +0000

Regulations on the cottage food industry are constantly changing and have undergone an overhaul in recent years as the number of small food manufacturers seeking to sell their products has increased (via The Washington Post). As the pandemic closed restaurants and businesses, people started looking for other ways to make ends meet, and a new wave of artisan food makers was created. Otherwise, how were people going to get all that sourdough out of their kitchens?

If you’re interested in marketing your baked goods, Food Safety News says you’re primarily covered by homemade food regulations when considering selling low-risk foods. Most baked goods do not contain perishable ingredients that require refrigeration. although many baked goods include milk, eggs, etc., they have been baked at temperatures high enough to make these ingredients stable and safe to eat. Cottage food laws make an exception when high-risk ingredients like meat and custards are included in baked goods. Other low-risk foods that most states allow are products like fruit-based jams and chutneys that are less prone to bacterial growth due to their naturally high acidity levels.

Cabin food regulations generally prohibit high-risk foods like meat, dairy, fresh vegetables, and baked goods with perishable ingredients (think meringue pie or pigs in a blanket). These foods are not naturally acidic and are at a higher risk of spoiling. Less stable foods can grow bacteria and spread foodborne illnesses that put consumers at risk.