Centerville mourns the loss of a grandfather and 4 grandchildren

CENTERVILLE, Texas (KBTX) – Centerville residents are mourning the loss of five members of the Collins family who were in town to visit their family ranch.

A press conference Friday with Crime Stoppers of Houston and the family pastor identified the victims as 66-year-old grandfather Mark Collins and his grandsons, brothers Waylon, 18, Carson, 16, and Hudson , 11 years old, as well as their 11 years old. old cousin Bryson.

Authorities said the family arrived at their vacation home on Thursday, June 2. They were spotted that morning but went silent towards other family members later that day. This led to these other family members calling law enforcement for a welfare check.

Janice Rose and her husband live down the road from the Collins’ vacation home. She said she could never imagine something like this tragedy happening in the small town of Centerville.

“We’ve met the family maybe once or twice,” Rose said. “I just don’t think they would have come and stayed here if they knew Lopez was potentially in the area. It’s so scary what can happen these days. That doesn’t happen here.

Rose said she and her husband have been under tight security since Lopez escaped on May 12.

“We felt safe,” Rose said. “Now I don’t know what to feel. I want my city to be “normal” again.

Centerville visitors like Teresa Baker said they don’t understand why anyone would go after a family like Lopez.

“I know there are bad people out there. I always tell my kids there are bad people out there,” Baker said. is just… amazing. You just don’t think that will happen here.

Representatives for the Collins family said if anyone wanted to donate, they could donate to their Go Fund Me. Baker said she was keeping the victims’ families in her thoughts.

“My heart is with you, my prayers are with you and I’m so sorry they have to deal with this, I don’t understand why. [Lopez] would do the things he did,” Baker said.

Rose said that although she feels safer now, she can’t stop thinking about the tragedy and how it could have been avoided.

“I’m just sorry for the family who lost the five people and I wish it hadn’t happened if they had caught it half a day earlier it probably wouldn’t have happened but we’ll have to ask the good Lord to take care of them,” Rose said.

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