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North Coast Neighbors United says the proliferation of short-term rentals is worsening housing shortages and harming local communities

A local group of Clatsop County residents has filed a referendum petition challenging a new ordinance that clears the way for vacation rental licensing in all rural residential communities. North Coast Neighbors United has until September 20 to collect 742 valid signatures from Clatsop County voters to place the ordinance on the ballot.

“As communities across Oregon and around the world grapple with the negative impacts of vacation rentals on residential neighborhoods and amid a historic housing shortage, Clatsop County has moved in the opposite direction. and opened the door to license rentals in every rural residential neighborhood,” said Cove Beach resident and co-petitioner Jeff Davis.

County commissioners approved Order 22-05 in June. The ordinance amends county land use zoning regulations to include short-term rentals as a permitted use in 16 residential areas.

Although not permitted until now (except in Arch Cape), short-term rentals have exploded in rural Clatsop County since 2018, with some coastal communities now seeing 30% of licensed residential housing stock as vacation rental companies.

In March, the Clatsop County Planning Commission reviewed the proposed ordinance and rejected it, voting instead to recommend the county ban short-term rentals in most rural residential areas. A 2019 housing study commissioned by the county also recommended that existing homes be kept for residential use and that commercial uses be prohibited or strictly curtailed.

“Every home that is converted to short-term rental is a home that is no longer available to local residents at any cost,” said co-petitioner Dr. Clare Hasler-Lewis of Surf Pines. “Meanwhile, short-term rentals are bringing noise, litter and traffic to rural residential neighborhoods that don’t have the capacity or resources to handle it. The county has ignored advice from its own planning commission and housing study, as well as appeals from hundreds and hundreds of residents who have written letters and testified at town hall meetings over the past two years. Order 22-05 is just bad policy for residents of Clatsop County, and voters deserve a say in the matter.

Charles Dice, Falcon Cove resident and chief petitioner, says the group’s members and supporters transcend geographic and political differences.

“We are landlords and renters, housing advocates, business owners and retirees from cities and rural areas of Clatsop County,” he said. “We are Republicans, Democrats, Independents and everything in between. First and foremost, we are your neighbors, united in our commitment to protect our North Shore residential neighborhoods because the neighborhoods are for families, not vacation rental businesses.

Facts about Order 22-05 and short-term rentals

Order 22-05 amends the Clatsop County Land and Water Use and Development Code (LAWDUC) to include short-term rentals as a Type I permitted use in 16 zoning designations. Read the prescription.

The 2019 Clastop County Housing Strategies Summary Report recommended area restrictions and caps on short-term rentals to protect the supply of housing available to residents. See Housing Strategy #10: Limit Short-Term Rentals in Residential Areas, p. 11.

In March 2022, the Clatsop County Planning Commission reviewed the proposed ordinance (what became Order 22-05) and rejected it, voting instead to recommend the county allow rentals at short term only in commercial areas and rural coastal residential area of ​​Arch Cape. Compare the planning commission’s recommendation with the county’s proposal (p. 4)

In December 2021, the Clatsop County Southwest Coastal Citizens’ Advisory Committee recommended keeping existing zoning ordinances in place for all residential areas in the county. Read the final draft. See page 26 for a discussion of short term rentals.

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