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Bhopal: Summer camp has resumed at Tatya Tope Stadium after two years of Covid. Zumba, aerobics, gymnastics and squash drew huge crowds of kids.
“It was obvious to be attracted to the summer camps as they are organized after two years of Covid. The children were tired of being at home,” says Anuj Malviya, parent of a child who came to attend summer school.
Before the children’s formal training, the sports department organizes zumba and aerobics. “That’s the best part of summer camp. My child waits every day to join this half hour class. As it is open to all, one can see the huge gathering of children. This is the funniest and best part of summer camp,” said another parent, Akash Verma.
Besides Zumba and aerobics, games like gymnastics and squash also attracted a large number of children. “Gymnastics is not just a game, but also a way to make your body flexible and better at playing any game. I think every child should start their sports career by taking at least a month of gymnastics before joining another sport,” said another parent, Vinay Sahu.
This is the answer that the coaches have to say no to the parents to allow more admission into this game. Squash was also well received by children.
Young people up to the age of 18 can take part in the summer camp. The sports department organizes the camp to encourage and select future players.
In order to encourage children to play sports, the sports and youth protection service had set up a multi-sport program in the 2019 summer camp, a year before the Covid hit the country. Asked about officials, they said that after successfully implementing the CATCH (coordinated approach to child health) program in 2018, the athletic department launched the multi-sport program in 2019.

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