Emma’s Rose Senior Apartments will open on June 28

Emma’s Rose Senior Apartments will open on June 28 | WKDZ Radio

Emma’s Rose Senior Apartments are just over a month away from opening and more than half of the units are already rented out to residents.

Cee Jay Stokes is the Community Manager of the property located at 149 Phoenix Drive in Cadiz. She said the facility has 10 two-bedroom apartments and 31 one-bedroom apartments for low-income seniors over 62.

Stokes said Emma’s Rose apartments have a variety of amenities not often found in low-cost housing.

click to download audioAdditionally, Stokes said she hopes to offer on-site programs to residents.

23 of Emma’s Rose’s 41 homes have been pre-let with a target opening date of June 28.

Stokes said rental inquiries can be picked up at the property on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

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