Expelled mother of 10 children, victim of a failure of Vision 2020

YOUR DIR | “The occasional charity making its way into the news is just the tip of the iceberg …”

New home for evicted mother with 10 children, Steven Sim keeps his promise

JD Lovrenciear: This is the sad state of my beloved country. When 2020 arrived, it looked like we didn’t hit the targets for Vision 2020, many of which concerned a caring and economically just society.

Today we see people of all races suffering. Not having an affordable roof over our heads is one of the biggest betrayals of citizens. How many more are struggling with the home loan nightmare? How many others are struggling to put food on the table?

The fact that a meaningless social assistance (compared to today’s cost of living) of RM 500 is to be given is an indication that this nation’s wealth of oil, gas and natural resources is failing. cannot be shared equally among the 32 million inhabitants.

What is the point of increasing the fantastic GDP (Gross Domestic Product) and ROI (Return on Investment) of Khazanah-led investments when people are kicked out on the streets?

The occasional charity that makes its way into the news is just the tip of the iceberg of a nation sharply divided between the haves and have-nots, the latter growing in number, their suffering out of sight. public.

Appum: I shed tears while reading this article. But it was tears of joy to see a human being caring so much about helping a family in need. He may be a politician, but his actions made a family relieved and happy at the end of the day.

This is the most crucial thing that matters. It doesn’t matter where he is from, what race or creed he is, what religion he professes, but at the most critical moment, help was provided without hesitation for a family of 11.

Having said that, we now move on to the big picture. In cases like these, where are the government welfare organizations that people can turn to in times of urgent need? Why does the government not promote aid agencies that these unfortunate people can turn to?

It is a shame that they themselves, the ministers, only think about their position, their power and their advantages, but these realities of the people who are suffering are ignored.

Sillyputty: Thanks to Bukit Mertajam MP Steven Sim Chee Keong for helping this mother of 10. However, there are serious underlying issues that need to be addressed even after this family has secured housing.

The government and the public must be aware of this at all times. I agreed, the media may not have highlighted other aspects of this story and only focused on key issues.

However, here are some additional queries:

  1. Why does a woman under 40 have 10 children?
  2. Where is the father in this tragic story of economic and emotional hardship?
  3. Have any Muslim social protection or civil society groups contacted this family? What about women’s groups? After all, some Muslim groups in Malaysia pride themselves on “protecting their own”.
  4. Does this woman and her children have an extended family close at hand or are they scattered across the country?
  5. How do the schools, where some of the children could be enrolled, contribute to the lot of this family?

This story reeks of social and economic injustice from so many angles. Can we find out more, please?

Dr Raman Letchumanan: Well done, Sim and DAP. Do more of this to help the rakyat in their hour of need. You’ve been personally involved throughout the day, rather than just lending an ear or donating money.

Don’t worry about responding to speculation about the why, how, etc. This will make your act conditional and your motive in question. Your selfless acts will speak for themselves.

Hopefully those responsible for his misfortune will speak out, otherwise others will judge them. No need to dig in there, otherwise it will become a matter of racial and religious division.

Well done Sim. This simple act has made you a hero of the people. I look at you differently now.

Mat M Din: Sim’s nice gesture to help a poor Malaysian family of 10 who were homeless after being evicted is very encouraging.

As a member of the DAP, a party unfairly viewed as racist, anti-Malays and anti-Islam, his kind gesture slowly eroded the myth.

We hope more kind gestures like this, extending aid, crossing racial lines, will take place more often. The DAP is evolving to become more suited to the needs of a multiracial society. It is concerned with the interests of all, rather than of a particular community.

It would be nice if the DAP could be included in the future unity government to jointly develop the country, in particular to improve the standard of living of the people in the B40 group (40% of the poorest incomes), in particular the Malays who are in the majority. in this group.

Bibut: It’s a sad scene. I salute mom for hanging on. This, in itself, few can do.

One short of a football team is a major problem that needs to be addressed – family planning. Otherwise, it’s just a perpetual scene that will be recycled and passed on to the next generation.

Assuming that because of poverty her 10 kids might not be successful, and if they each have 10 more kids, it’s 100 now, all trapped in poverty. And the cycle will continue.

Apa Aku Dapat: Yes, a really heartbreaking scene of the mother and her children outside the house. Well done, Sim.

And what happened to all the financial support from Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin, or Mahiaddin, and his illegitimate government Perikatan Nasional (PN)?

Why have the poor been left behind like this? How many Kak Ros, Kak Chong and Kak Saras still need urgent help? PN has let down all Malaysians except their ministers and cronies.

Restore democracy, relaunch Parliament, end the emergency.

JustAPensioner: Sim, I have read and re-read your deeds here on Malaysiakini and the New times of the straits with a lump in the throat. I also saw the photos on your Facebook.

Your spontaneous act of giving your time, effort, and money to one day bring happiness to other hopeless crying human beings – it really stirs me up, unlike the relentless politics and mud that makes me sick.

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