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Castro Ramirez is secretary of the California Business, Consumer Services and Housing Agency. She lives in Sacramento.

As more Californians get vaccinated and our state reopens, things are finally starting to feel a little more normal. But getting back to normal is not enough, as too many people in our state continue to struggle with the economic fallout from the pandemic and cases of the delta variant are on the rise. A significant number of people have been unable to pay their rent or mortgage payments due to layoffs and loss of income, putting them at risk of eviction or loss of their homes.

Fortunately, a few weeks ago, Gov. Gavin Newsom and state lawmakers extended the moratorium on evictions in California until the end of September and pledged to help eligible low-income tenants and landlords by increasing rent assistance payments to 100 percent of unpaid rent; and paying 100 percent of contingent rent and charges.

These expanded protections are essential to keeping families housed, but Californians also need Congress to invest in bold, long-term solutions to ensure a fair and equitable recovery. This should include expanding and improving the Housing Choice Voucher program. It would be nothing short of transformational for Californians and people across the country.

Even before the pandemic, housing instability was a significant problem. For too long, rent and house prices have far exceeded wages in communities across our state, disproportionately affecting communities of color and low-income households. In addition, the supply of housing does not keep up with demand, especially for poorer households, resulting in a shortage of affordable housing.

Over 4 million people in our state pay more than half of their income to cover housing costs. This number includes more than one million children and hundreds of thousands of the elderly and disabled.

These challenges have been further compounded by the uneven health and economic impacts of the pandemic.

While the House of Representatives and Senate have made significant investments to keep individuals housed through the American Rescue Plan Act, they now have the opportunity, in salvage legislation, to bring significant relief to Californians.

Nationally, housing vouchers and rent assistance have helped lift millions of working families, the elderly, children and veterans out of poverty. But at the moment, the program has only enough funding to help 1 in 4 eligible households.

Housing vouchers have widespread and proven results. In addition to reducing housing instability and homelessness, vouchers create opportunities for families and individuals to access quality schools and services. Most importantly, they help counter the pervasive and enduring effects of discrimination that continue to reduce economic and housing opportunities for communities of color in our state and across the country. Housing vouchers have been shown to reduce family separation, school absences for children and intimate partner violence.

Making more vouchers available would have real impacts on individuals and families in our state. By reducing the burden of housing costs, housing vouchers help families afford food, medicine and other necessities. When families can afford to provide a stable, safe, and nurturing environment, children perform better in health, education, and social life. These benefits extend throughout their lives with higher education and income as adults.

The expansion of federal housing bonds will also help close the gap between rent and what residents are able to afford and increase support for ongoing community housing programs.

By stabilizing individuals and families, housing helps entire communities thrive. The expansion of housing vouchers is crucial to keeping Californians in their homes and out of homelessness and in building a brighter, fairer future for our state.

As we emerge from the pandemic, we must commit to a shared recovery as well – and that starts with ensuring access to stable and secure housing for every Californian.

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Tiffani Thiessen and Nutri-Grain want to send you on vacation Wed, 21 Jul 2021 20:53:55 +0000

Tiffani Thiessen is not new to Hollywood. As a former child actress, she has appeared on the smallstage in everything from “Saved by the Bell” to “Alexa and Katie”. His most recent projects have taken a decidedly different turn in the tastiest arena: food. As an MTV host Delight, Thiessen shares some of the funniest and most viral food videos. His next culinary feat? Teaming up with Nutri-Grain to give families a break after more than a year of restrictions and upheaval.

“Food has always been a big part of my life, so it’s fun to have a career in this kind of business. It was really exciting that Nutri-Grain came to see me. I think as a parent I realize how much we negotiate with our kids when it comes to food: a snack, a meal or whatever. The amount of trying to get them to eat something healthy. Thiessen explains.


“They told me a statistic that blew me away.” She keeps. “They said half of parents spend about nine days a year negotiating over food. Nine days a year. It’s been a lot of days.

So what does this mean for his partnership? Nutri-Grain’s Get away from Bargaining contest will give five families vacations of up to $ 10,000. Just comment on Nutri-Grain and tell them where you want to go. “If you need any ideas,” Thiessen said with a laugh, “you are more than welcome to ask me for them and maybe… I can even come with you!

Thiessen and her family are active in the kitchen and beyond. Thiessen says, “We grow a lot of fruits and vegetables and stuff, which has been really fun getting the kids involved in this whole aspect of the food. Where it came from and watch it grow and use it in the kitchen. The enchiladas are great, a favorite of my children that I had when I was young. Coming from Southern California, of course, we have a lot of taco and pizza parties. Kids love to make their own pizza.

Food is always a conversation. What does she think of the body positivity trend?

“I wish I had that body positivity years ago. I love it, I kiss it. I think it’s way overdue. And being a woman in this business, I know all about it. I grew up having to hear it, see it, smell it, all that. I love that we are finally starting to accept all the differences between what we look like on the outside. Especially being a mother of two. My body is not the same as it was twenty years ago.

Any advice for parents who spend too much time negotiating with their children?

Laughing, Thiessen adds, “Yeah, buy Nutri-Grain. She then explains further. “I think it’s about trying to find something that you both can agree on that is easily accessible in your pantry that you can lean on. This is how I feel about Nutri-Grain. It’s one of those items in the pantry that I really allow kids to have their independence to go get because they know I will always say yes to them. I think finding those items that you don’t have to negotiate on, that are just in the pantry.

How has been this summer for Thiessen and his family?

“We have just returned from an eleven day motorhome trip. For eleven days. It was really fun. You literally go from being in your house for a year to a small car / smaller house for eleven days. But it was really fun. We went to the Grand Canyon and Colorado and did some rafting. I went to Zion which is one of the most beautiful parks I have ever seen. I think we will make it a tradition every year.


When it comes to cooking in a motorhome, Thiessen was just as ready as her family for a cooking holiday. “I kind of gave myself a break in the kitchen when we were traveling. I spent over a year making three meals and about nine snacks a day and, you know what, I was just like I wasn’t going to do it. So I took a break and it was a well-deserved break. And I loved every moment.

The publication of the Nutri-Grain competition is live on their Instagram page. See below for official rules.

  • HOW TO ENTER: Head over to Nutri-Grain’s Instagram (@nutrigrain) and comment on the official raffle post (live 7/14) with your dream destination for a family getaway in the contiguous United States to run the chance to win.
  • Act fast! Fans have until July 28 to participate.
  • THE PRICE: Nutri-Grain will select five lucky winners who will each receive their dream family getaway to the contiguous United States valued at up to $ 10,000, plus a one-year supply of breakfast bars and in Nutri-Grain® bites to keep future negotiations at bay.


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“The strangest apartment complex I have seen” Wed, 21 Jul 2021 19:45:36 +0000

If you’ve never seen an apartment with an ‘interior balcony’, consider yourself lucky.

At least, that’s the takeaway from a new viral TikTok. the clip, posted by a user named Rachel (@ rayyy.of_sunshine), shows what she called “the strangest apartment complex I have ever seen”.

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the disturbing video is part of a long-standing trend on the app. In the past, TikTokers have discovered “secret rooms” on their roofs, “Hidden stairs” leading to walled basements and weird speakers in their quarters.

Rachel’s clip shows the apartment complex where she currently resides. As its video shows, the building is full of interior balconies that overlook the windowless main lobby.

“It’s so weird,” she captioned her post.

The clip immediately went viral, garnering over 1.4 million views in just two days. TikTokers seemed primarily frightened of the building, which they described as “terrifying” and likened to a prison.

“This apartment gives off horror movie vibes,” a commentator wrote.

“Saddest apartment ever! ” another added.

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In fact, TikTok had so many questions that Rachel posted a series of follow-up videos. In one, she a ride from inside the apartment, which has several rooms without windows.

Fortunately, Rachel also added in the clip that the apartment is not her own – she only stays there for a few weeks until she and a friend move into a new place together. In the meantime, at least her bedroom has a window.

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The post office TikTok users frightened by a woman’s ‘terrifying’ apartment building appeared first on Aware.

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Tom Hanks’ Custom Airstream Limited Excella Could Be Your Vacation Home Wed, 21 Jul 2021 08:47:00 +0000 , this is a rare occasion: The trailer that Tom Hanks used as his home away from home during the on-location shoot was auctioned off with

. It will be sold unreservedly at the Quail Lodge auction in Carmel, Calif. On Aug. 13, with the auction house estimating it could go between $ 150,000 and $ 250,000.

This is a 1992 Airstream Limited Excella model that the actor bought a year later and then customized like his own. As Hanks explains in an interview with Bonhams Magazine, he didn’t want it to look like a trailer, as he had already lived most of his adult life in ugly, impersonal, cramped trailers on trays. Instead, he wanted something that looked like a house, something he could make his own and enjoy living regardless of how long the shoot was.

So he ordered the Airstream almost naked, with just the bathroom and kitchenette, then worked to customize it. At first glance, it achieved its goal of turning it into a home-like caravan, although by today’s standards it has a certain dated vibe. But if you consider the fact that he really lived there, the places he’s been, and the people he’s hosted over a span of nearly three decades, the dated decor can be overlooked.

And you might have the perfect getaway vehicle for the summer, with the most interesting story to tell.

Hanks’ Airstream is a three-axle trailer with a small bedroom, bathroom, kitchenette with dining area and slash lounge. It is sold with all the furniture inside, including the Hanks sofa chosen for the living room, the carpet and the electric fireplace.

Furnished in soft fabrics and real woods, as opposed to plastics, vinyl and formica, the trailer displays personal touches throughout: Hanks signed one of the roof mounted AC units, as well as the side of a closet, for the next owner. He also added elements from his films: there’s an FBI proof tag from Catch Me If You Can, an Apollo 13 sticker from the film of the same name, and a FedEx sticker from Castaway. The cupboards are filled with his own choice of dishes and mugs from various movie sets, including an Apollo 13 mug signed by co-stars Gary Sinise, Bill Paxton and Kevin Bacon.

At the back, there is a small single bedroom, with storage space below and in wardrobes above. The bathroom is small but complete: a shower with a glass door, a toilet, a vanity and a large lighted mirror.

The kitchen has a burner with built-in stove, a double sink and plenty of counter space. The cupboards also house an impressive collection of coffee makers, because, who knew ?, Hanks really is a coffee guy. Two teak chairs and a table provide dining inside, or can be used as patio furniture, under the large side awning. The living room is mainly occupied by the large sofa and the fireplace.

Other features include electric leveling jacks, two propane tanks, Honda ES 6500 120/240 volt generator, water heater and blinds. The dry weight is 7,300 pounds (3,311 kg), with an additional capacity of 1,600 pounds (726 kg).

Although never used for travel, the Airstream has traveled across the United States, from Los Angeles to Seattle for Sleepless to Seattle, Beaufort, South Carolina for Forrest Gump and Philadelphia for Philadelphia. When not in use by Hanks it has been stored indoors and professionally maintained, so it presents itself in excellent condition.

For Hanks, it’s not the custom work or the fame’s provenance that recommends it, but the very fact that it’s an Airstream. “You didn’t live well until you survived a mind-blowing thunderstorm in an Airstream while you were in Carolina” he says. “But, more than anything, an Airstream is beautiful and comfortable, which is why everyone who’s been to mine has gone wanting one.”

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US real estate inflation: the sleeping giant that could tip the Fed’s hand Wed, 21 Jul 2021 04:00:33 +0000

Todd David, executive director of the Housing Action Coalition, a charity that works on housing policy in San Francisco, says all signs point to a resurgence in rental costs in the Bay Area after the crisis caused by the pandemic.

“A year from now, if we don’t add a meaningful offering, there is no indication that we will. . . prices in San Francisco for rents are [going to be] again at an all time high, ”he said. “The trend is on the rise. ”

Housing spending is the sleeping giant that could tip the scales of the increasingly heated debate over US inflation. They are quickly emerging as a central indicator for Federal Reserve officials, within the Biden administration, and among private economists.

So far this year, the housing component of the Consumer Price Index has shown smaller increases compared to the skyrocketing spending on items such as used cars, airline tickets and energy.

But housing costs nonetheless rose slightly, posting an annual increase of 2.6% in June compared to an annual increase of 1.5% in February.

If house prices remain relatively contained, they will likely help control inflation, validating Fed and White House expectations that price pressures will ease.

But if they continue to rise, even at a low but steady pace, thanks to the boom in home values ​​in many cities, it could indicate that high inflation will hold for longer than expected.

Shelter costs represent about one-third of the overall CPI and include rental prices as well as what is known as “owner-equivalent rent”, the estimated cost of an owner-occupied house if it were rented.

“We calculate that the market will not be fully balanced until 2023 or 2024. So I’m not sure that the rent increase is particularly short-lived,” said Ali Wolf, chief economist at Zonda, an advisory group on the market. estate market.

She added: “Assuming the economy continues to improve and we continue to see the employment growth numbers improve, I think there will continue to be some upward pressure. on rents. ”

So far, the rise in rental costs in the economy has not been particularly large and has not even rebounded to pre-pandemic rates which were comfortably above 3%.

But if this continues, or even accelerates, it could pose a significant problem for the Fed as cost increases would be built into the leases, making them difficult to reverse. Higher rents could also affect inflation expectations, which are a crucial factor in shaping monetary policy.

The Fed’s preferred measure of inflation, the personal consumption expenditure index, does not weigh housing costs as much as the CPI, but the central bank may find it increasingly difficult to ignore any increases in spending related to housing.

“People don’t buy a used car every month when many pay rent every month,” wrote Tim Duy, professor at the University of Oregon and chief economist at SGH Macro Advisors, in a note this week.

During a pair of congressional hearings last week, Jay Powell, the chairman of the Fed, was repeatedly questioned by lawmakers about the affordability of housing, a sign that rising costs were on the rise. more politically sensitive, for Democrats and Republicans alike.

“I don’t know what house prices will do in the future. But there’s just a lot of demand, ”Powell said. “Even if mortgage rates rise as they ultimately will, I think we will have strong demand. So the question will be how much supply can be brought to the market? And it’s really out of our control.

Housing experts say supply constraints remain significant as home builders try to catch up with demand after a hiatus at the start of the pandemic. Changing zoning restrictions to allow more housing to be built is an often contentious process that can be time consuming.

Right now, Wolf says the biggest rent increases are happening mostly in Sunbelt states like Arizona and Texas, with large coastal cities like San Francisco seeing much lukewarm jumps.

One of the concerns of some economists is that when the moratoriums on pandemic-era evictions are lifted later this year, landlords could increase rents to make up for lost income, depending on higher property values. and the expectation that tenants are flush with income.

But other economists don’t think housing inflation will become problematic, pointing to the fact that changes are slow and cyclical. “We are just not very worried or convinced that we have seen regime change when it comes to inflation yet,” said Julia Coronado, co-founder of MacroPolicy Perspectives.

Despite this, Janet Yellen, the Secretary of the Treasury, last week expressed some concern about the excessive heat in the housing market, especially as it affects low and middle income families.

“I am concerned about the affordability and the pressures that rising house prices will create for families who are buying a first home or who have less income,” she told CNBC.

At the Fed, the real estate inflation debate is taking place as the central bank prepares to start slowing the rate of its monetary support to the economy, which has resulted in low interest rates and mortgage rates that helped fuel soaring house prices.

Some Fed officials are calling on the central bank to reduce its $ 40 billion monthly mortgage-backed securities purchases more quickly to ease the housing market, but others argue the effect would be small.

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The best private islands you can rent on Airbnb in 2021 Tue, 20 Jul 2021 21:27:32 +0000

FAQ: Private homes on Airbnb Islands

What is the right time of year to visit a private island?

It depends on where you want to go and what mood you want. Cozy Minnesota cabins are attractive year round. For a beach getaway, like in Belize or Colombia, be sure to check the local weather conditions to make sure they match your stay.

How do I find vacation rentals on a private island on Airbnb?

When you search Airbnb, you can select “go anywhere” from the location drop-down list and then view a list of results. From there, filter using the drop-down navigation above the search results to select ‘Islands,’ then further refine by price, number of guests, and location.

What should I bring to a private Airbnb island?

It depends on how your accommodation is stocked before you arrive. It is a good idea to discuss this with your host before arriving so that you know exactly what to bring and leave at home,

Sometimes hosts offer to stop at the grocery store as part of their transportation service, others may provide catering as part of the rental cost or for a separate fee.

How much does it cost to rent a private island on Airbnb?

There really is a range of prices possible, depending on where you want to go and what type of Airbnb you want to rent. Are you looking for a backcountry getaway? These are often inexpensive. If you want a luxurious, designer home, be prepared to pay a lot more. We have found prices that start around $ 100 and go up to $ 1,000. Although, of course, there are also much more expensive products.

How to access a private island?

The vast majority of hosts will provide details of how to transfer from the mainland or a larger island, if that is the nearest transportation hub. Read the listing carefully to see if it is included in the rental price or if transportation to and from your private island will incur additional charges. If anything is unclear, message your hosts before booking.

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Construction begins on The Fitzgerald apartment building in Spartanburg | Business Tue, 20 Jul 2021 19:48:00 +0000

SPARTANBURG – Construction of a new apartment building in Spartanburg that includes affordable housing is expected to be completed by the end of 2022.

Fitzgerald streets in Kennedy and Union streets, just south of downtown, will have 132 units, of which 13 units are reserved for people earning no more than 80% of the region’s median income. The city worked with Charlotte-based developer Lat Purser and Associates to include the affordable housing component in the apartment building project. The Fitzgerald will consist of one, two and three bedroom apartments.

Grading and site work has started on 3 acres of land previously owned by Cannon Roofing at 327 E. Kennedy Street. The Mary Black Rail Trail extension slated for construction in late 2021 will be located near The Fitzgerald, allowing residents to access the extended trail. which will cross downtown Spartanburg towards Barnet Park and the Chapman Cultural Center.

Spartanburg plans to upgrade infrastructure on the west side of town to evolve downtown economy

“We are all delighted with the investment and the fact that Lat Purser is coming to Spartanburg,” Spartanburg city councilor Rob Rain told The Post and Courier. “This indicates that there is a desirability of growing our downtown area. I think it will drive growth on Union Street and spur more activity there as we have more people. We are actively working to capitalize on this. of that and target this area for more development. I think the rail trail helps this area and we hope to see more restaurants, retail and could also see multi-family housing along this corridor. “

The top floor of the Fitzgerald will feature an open terrace, lounge, gym and swimming pool. Jack Levinson, director of operations for My Niche Apartments, said Spartanburg was selected by Lat Purser for the new apartment building project because of the city’s growth potential.

“We wanted to be part of a community that has great dynamics, economic growth and population growth and a growing region,” said Levinson. “We will provide resident housing for those who wish to live in or near the city center. “

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Spartanburg City Councilor Jamie Fulmer said the city will continue to work to provide more affordable housing. He believes The Fitzgerald marks the start of a larger development near the Union Street corridor.

Render of The Fitzgerald apartment building

The Fitzgerald Building is under construction at East Kennedy Street in Spartanburg. The project is expected to be completed by the end of 2022. Supplied / City of Spartanburg.

“The Fitzgerald Project only makes Union Street more attractive for new development,” Fulmer said. “I think this project and others along the rail line will be transformative over the next two years. The city has worked over the past two years to improve the supply of our housing stock and to include an affordable housing component in all projects. “

The 122 market-priced apartments will be between $ 1,100 and $ 1,400 per unit, according to Spartanburg communications and marketing director Christopher George. George expressed his optimism. The Fitzgerald will bring more economic development to the region.

“There is a lot of potential in this corridor and there is still a lot of available for development,” said George. “This area is ripe for change. There are a few old industrial warehouses there that were used when we had a lot of textiles and located along the railway line which is now the railroad track. The old warehouses are great for reuse. and adaptive redevelopment. It’s on our radar and we’ll be looking at our full plan to see what kind of development strategy we take there. “

Restoration of the Montgomery Building in Spartanburg honored by Preservation South Carolina

Spartanburg Philanthropic Center opens as 'Community Improvement Enabler'

Follow Chris Lavender on Twitter @spartanburgpc

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The new Mediterranean hot spots for luxury holidays Tue, 20 Jul 2021 18:50:42 +0000

Travelers to Spain and Portugal, whether they’re visiting for the first time or have been there before, have a range of new and upscale properties to choose from to hang their hats on. More than a dozen hotels in the two countries have recently opened or will debut in the coming months, according to Virginia Irurita, founder of Made for Spain and Portugal, a luxury travel agency based in Madrid.

“Despite the lockdown last year, development of the hotel has been busy,” she said. “It’s a scene that brings together high-end international brands with luxurious local properties in their own way.”

Inside one of Six Senses Ibiza’s private waterfront suites.

One of the liveliest openings, hands down, is Six Senses Ibiza. The 116-room resort is located on a 20-acre site in Cala Xarraca Bay at the northern tip of the island and began welcoming guests in early July. It offers a variety of accommodation, from suites built into the coastal cliffs to self-contained residences available for rent or own.

Comprised of three buildings, the project took seven years, explains Jonathan Leitersdorf, owner, developer and architect. “We wanted to create a property that looked like it had always been there architecturally and that has a primitive feel,” he says. “You will find deep facades with shaded pergolas and wild trees, but you will not find shiny glass because it is too contemporary.

Leitersdorf adds that the allure of Six Senses Ibiza slowly unfolds as guests explore the collection of spaces. They include a recording studio, a cinema, an open-air stage, a farmers market and three organic restaurants by famous Israeli chef Eyal Shani. There’s also a spa with 200 local practitioners and year-round programming such as full moon dinners in the summer and wellness retreats in the winter.

By settling on the Spanish mainland, Madrid, which has long lacked luxury hotels, has three new contenders. They are all international brands.

Inside the lush bar of the new Four Seasons hotel.

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Rising violent crime in Boston neighborhoods, study links up with Airbnb vacation rentals – Silicon Valley Tue, 20 Jul 2021 17:25:56 +0000

An increase in the number of Airbnb rental units in Boston neighborhoods could be linked to spikes in violent crime, according to a new study by researchers at Northeastern University.

Researchers’ results show that violent crime increased with the number of Airbnb short-term rental units in a region, unlike other types of crime.

“The prevalence of Airbnb in a neighborhood appears to be associated with an increase in violence, but not with public social unrest or private conflict,” the study concluded.

The peer-reviewed study looked at Airbnb housing data in Boston from 2011 to 2018, data from Northeastern, and 911 dispatches from the same period. Professors in the Northeast looked at reports of both violent and non-violent crime and found that violent crime tended to increase about a year or two after an increase in the number of Airbnbs. The housing data used in the study comes from an independent company website of $ 75 billion.

Between 2014 and 2018, the number of Airbnbs in Boston increased from 2,558 to 6,014, according to the study. In 2019, Mayor Martin Walsh struck a deal with Airbnb to regulate short-term rentals in Boston.

Study authors Dan O’Brien and Babak Heydari suggest that the data may show that when more transients move into a neighborhood, such as in a shared apartment, they don’t form the same connections and obey same expectations as long-term residents.

To put it simply: there may be a lack of neighborhood behavior.

“It depends on whether people actually know each other. It depends on the people who develop the relationships, ”O’Brien told the Herald.

But it’s not the tourists’ fault, they said. Extreme short-term renters, such as those leaving on weekends, are not likely to attend a community meeting. On the other hand, long-term residents may not check the welfare of tenants in these units.

“What a lot of Airbnbs in a neighborhood could do is dig holes in the fabric of the neighborhood,” he said.

O’Brien and Heydari said if these trends continued over time, they could seriously “erode” local communities. The Allston / Brighton district imposed itself on the authors by demonstrating their hypothesis with an astonishing correlation.

But Airbnb called the study’s findings “inaccurate.” In a statement, the company said the study “uses an unrepresentative sample in a city to draw general conclusions nationwide; applies the wrong methodology, including wrong regression analysis; and is based on inaccurate data.

O’Brien said they would have liked to have had access to Airbnb’s own numbers, but they are confident in the conclusions they came to with their own data regarding Boston.

“They are not at all transparent with their data,” said O’Brien. “There is no credibility in this review because they are keeping this data.”

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Airbnb is available for rent in Ireland this summer with private beach access Tue, 20 Jul 2021 12:48:38 +0000

The Irish coastline is underestimated. Especially when we have wonderful weather. Whether you are passing through Ireland or a resident eager to spend a holiday, it is impossible not to recognize the beauty of Ireland when the sun is shining.

We’ve put together a list of Ireland’s finest AirBnBs with direct beach access. Whether it’s for an evening swim or a relaxing day in the sun, these are the places you should visit.


The first is County Cork with the beautiful, idyllic Inchydoney Beach Cottage for just € 109 a night. This cottage can accommodate up to seven people so you and your friends can put the car away and get to Cork.

Inchydoney beach cottage patio

The peaceful, fully furnished cottage overlooks Inchydoney Beach and the beautiful Atlantic Ocean. It’s just a three minute walk to the beach with access via your own private path, so if you want a midnight swim or sneak onto the beach to watch the sunrise, you can easily get there.

Idyllic Inchydoney Beach Cottage
Idyllic Inchydoney Beach Cottage

Inchydoney Beach Cottage Bedroom
Inchydoney Beach Cottage Bedroom


Going up the island to the Donegal Breasty Bay house is on a private waterfront. This private domain costs 350 € per night but it can accommodate 6 people comfortably.

Donegal Breasty Bay House
Donegal Breasty Bay House

The chalet is located at Malin Head in a secluded setting with direct private sea access. The private 60 acre coastal estate is shared with only one other Skildren Cottage property also available on airbnb, so if you have more friends or family looking to go on an adventure with you you can always rent Skildren Cottage too. .

Donegal Breasty Bay House Dining Room
Donegal Breasty Bay House Dining Room

If you are interested in wildlife, you should take pleasure in observing some of the local wildlife that lives in this peninsula in the wild.

The Breasty Bay home is assessed by electric gates, so it’s the perfect place to retreat and rejuvenate.

Donegal Breasty Bay House
Donegal Breasty Bay House

Another option that can accommodate two people for € 90 per night is the Barn in County Donegal.

Of course, this magnificent barn has direct access to the beach.

The Donegal Barn
The Donegal Barn

The large open plan living room, dining room and kitchen are surrounded by panoramic sea views. The barn is within walking distance of all local amenities such as restaurants, bars and even a ferry that makes excursions of a day to the surrounding islands.

The Donegal Barn
The Donegal Barn

All the equipment you might need for your own al fresco dining is also provided by the hosts. With a barbecue and outdoor tables and chairs, you can sit and watch the sunset by the sea while enjoying your home cooked meal.

The Donegal Barn
The Donegal Barn


One gorgeous space in County Mayo is Juli’s House, which is a stand-alone home overlooking the sea.

The house is set in beautiful semi-wild gardens with views over Croagh Patrick and the Wild Atlantic Way.

Juli Mayo's House
Juli Mayo’s House

Achill Island, Ballycroy National Park and Connemara are within an hour’s scenic drive, so your days will never be boring and of course there is beach access within 5 minutes .

Juli Mayo's House
Juli Mayo’s House

This little getaway is more of a romantic getaway with the house accommodating 2 people for € 95 per night.

Juli Mayo's House
Juli Mayo’s House


Howth in County Dublin is best known for its beaches and you can stay in a lively cabin that looks directly out to sea.

County Dublin Hut
County Dublin Hut

This newly built modern log cabin with spectacular Ireland’s Eye views is located at the rear of our property with private access to Burrow Beach.

The cabin is in the shadow of Howth village, but Dublin city is only 30 minutes away by train or car.

County Dublin Hut
County Dublin Hut

With 24-hour private access to the beach, you won’t want to come home.

Howth The Cabin co. Dublin
Howth the cabin by the sea

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