For rental investment, high yield real estate launches hassle-free property management

Indianapolis-based High Return Real Estate connects investors with turnkey investment properties for cash flow. As property management is a constant sticking point for investors, High Return has partnered with City Life Property Group to ease the burden on investors.

High Return Real Estate, LLC helps investors create powerful passive income streams through turnkey real estate investing, but they know that property management can be one of the most difficult aspects of rental investing. especially with today’s troubled economy. To facilitate real estate investment for their clients, they have partnered with City Life Property Group.

According to Jeff Schechter, CEO and co-founder of High Return, the challenges of property management often deter people from investing in rentals, but City Life Property Group overcomes the usual challenges.

“Some investors go for family-owned property management companies, but quickly find that they lack the manpower and resources to collect rent on time and protect properties,” Schechter said. “Big businesses have the resources, but they are often disconnected and fail to communicate well with landlords or tenants. “

Schechter said City Life Property Group strikes the perfect balance between big and small.

“City Life has a local presence in our core rental markets, so they bring a personal touch, but they’re also big enough to have the workforce and technology to fully tackle any management challenges. I have been in the real estate investing industry for over 30 years and have rarely seen a management company that delivers the results that City Life does without ripping off its clients, ”said Schechter.

Schechter said City Life has helped guide High Return clients through the ups and downs of the Covid economy and the moratoriums on evictions, ensuring a hassle-free rental investment experience throughout the process.

High Return helps investors find profitable rental properties at the lowest prices. Then they rehabilitate the properties, place tenants and, with the help of City Life Property Investment, take care of the collection and maintenance of the rents so that investors do not have to do it.

High Return Real Estate is a “for investors, by investors” company. Schechter and his co-founder Jack Gibson have decades of experience in real estate investing and have acquired over 100 turnkey properties generating some of the highest returns in the rental investment market. They pass their expertise on to their clients while connecting them to one of the most comprehensive investor education programs known as CashFlow +. The program teaches investors how to maximize cash flow by leveraging sluggish assets, controlling debt, and planning effective tax strategies.

High Return has been featured on NBC News, CNN, Forbes, and Google News Lab. To learn more about how the company makes property management easier for rental investors, visit or call (317) 588-2929.

About high yield real estate

High Return Real Estate offers an easy way to accelerate real wealth with real estate. Known for its strategic turnkey real estate investments, the company aims to produce some of the highest returns in real estate investing.

Disclaimer: The news site hosting this press release is not associated with High Return Real Estate. It is simply a matter of issuing a press release submitted by a company, without any explicit or implicit endorsement of the company, information, investments, people, products or services. Please consult a licensed financial planner before making an investment.

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