Fort Worth apartment fire displaces 8 families – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth

Eight families came out of their homes this evening after a fire at a Fort Worth apartment complex early Sunday.

The Fort Worth Fire Department and the Eless Fire Department responded to the flames and smoke from a chimney flue.

Ikea Williams’ home at Tides on Post Oak Apartments at 3812 Silent Oak Drive suffered the worst damage.

“My kids and I came out alive and safe,” Williams said.

The cause is under investigation, but Williams believes the fire likely started in his fireplace after an unsuccessful attempt to use the fireplace late on Saturday night.

Williams said she had used the fireplace safely a few days before, but didn’t notice anything was wrong until her upstairs neighbor knocked on her door.

“My neighbors were angels because they had just arrived and they noticed what was going on when I didn’t,” Williams said.

Home heating is the second leading cause of residential fires in the country, behind kitchens, according to the US Fire Administration, a division of FEMA.

In winter, the flue, the hard-to-see part of the chimney from inside your home, is often to blame. The chimney can accumulate creosote, a highly flammable chemical compound that arises from the smoke of open flames.

Fire Departments in North Texas are posting on social media as winter approaches, urging an inspection and cleaning of the chimney before lighting the fireplace.

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