Hannity: Biden must end Rehoboth Beach vacation amid crises; ‘get out of his a– and get to work’

With more than 100 Americans trapped behind Taliban lines in Afghanistan, more than 10,000 illegal immigrants – many flocking from Haiti after the deportation flights stopped – are flocking to South Texas, registering record inflation and The United States’ oldest ally recalls its ambassador on a lightweight, President Biden selfishly decided to take a weekend beach vacation in his home state of Delaware, Sean Hannity said Friday.

In his “Opening Monologue,” Hannity tore Biden apart for continuing to ignore the escalating seizures and acting unilaterally – in this case, deciding to head to Rehoboth Beach for what is one of the weekends. hot summer ends in the mid-Atlantic.

The host pointed out that it was now the 34th day for Americans “held hostage behind enemy lines” in Afghanistan – and noted that the people he had sworn to protect were now in hiding as he took to the skies. to Sussex County, Delaware, to enjoy the weekend.

“At this time, Biden isn’t working around the clock to secure their release, he’s not in a command center working on a solution. Instead, he’s enjoying another long weekend in Delaware. “Hannity said.

According to local reports, Biden’s plane touched down around 1:30 p.m. Friday in a parking lot near Gordon’s Pond in the North Shore.

“Someone in the administration has to remind Joe that he’s the President of the United States – he has to get down to business and get down to business,” Hannity said.

“If he’s too weak and frail and slow to do his job seven days a week, he should resign and retire because right now … there are serious crises on many fronts.”

The host highlighted France, where what is America’s oldest aligned nation – dating back to teamwork with the Marquis de Lafayette during the War of Independence – took the unprecedented step of recalling the Ambassador in the United States Phillippe Etienne, after the Macron administration signaled that they were essentially blinded by a nuclear submarine deal reached between the United States and Australia – claiming they were already in talks with Canberra to reach their own agreement on the matter.

Hannity added that the White House made a “shameful news dump on Friday” when CENTCOM Commander Kenneth “Frank” McKenzie Jr announced the US drone strike in Kabul which the administration said killed a member of the ‘ISIS-K, instead killed an aid worker and several children carrying water.

“Did you get it, Joe? Your ‘on the horizon’ drone strike killed seven innocent children – Joe Biden has blood on his hands.”


He added that the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, General Mark Milley, had previously assured the country that the mission was successful, calling it a “just strike”.

Hannity reiterated that if the allegations of a Chinese backchannel recounted in a recent book by two Washington Post reporters are true, then the four-star general may have committed treason.

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