Hassle-free apartment hotels are ready for growth, Granada-based expert says

Returning to his Grenadian roots for the final stage of his real estate career, Kandace Douglas supervises Villas in Sables-d’Argent, a new collection of private homes on the Caribbean island of Granada.

Located on the pristine beach of Grande Anse, the eight residences in the development range from three- to four-bedroom homes with prices starting at $ 12.75 million for a beachfront villa and $ 7 million for a villa with a view. on the sea and are all equipped with the services, staff and amenities of the five star Silversands hotel.

Hotel life could become a much bigger part of the real estate market, given its convenience and ease, Ms. Douglas said.

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“If I’m in New York, I don’t want to think about if there’s a leak or if something else is going on,” she said.

“It’s in a closed complex, it’s super safe. You have people who are constantly patrolling and making sure everything is as it’s supposed to be. You have your management company that ensures that your house is always in perfect condition. You just have to [away] lots of headaches.

MG: How has the coronavirus pandemic affected Silversands Villas?

Kandace Douglas: At first I think the clients were just trying to figure out, “How long are we going to be in this thing?” And then I think as it started it started to help us. People try to look for options away from home, which gives them a little more freedom. Whenever you are in a stressful situation, you start to dream of heaven, right?

We noticed during the second half of the Covid that the demand is really there. We’re seeing a lot of interest from Canadians, from the United States, from people looking to locate elsewhere. I think Covid puts some things in perspective. You want to be able to have that mobility if things ever hit the fan, so you don’t feel trapped. The fact that you can take and go and actually live in Granada and weather the storm. And Granada is a nice option for that.

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MG: Grenada has strict Covid rules in place. How has this affected businesses?

KD: It’s like everywhere else, it doesn’t feel good to live that way. Tourism takes a hit, business takes a hit, but I think on the other hand, we’ll be better off. You’ll find shoppers and travelers alike looking to see which islands or places are fairly safe when it comes to Covid. Because it’s always a concern.

They are ready to come to life, but they do so with caution. And the fact that we can say that from March to now we’ve only had 161 cases and very, very little community spread. It really helped us.

MG: What are the characteristics of Silversands Villas that particularly appeal to potential buyers?

KD: It’s the beach, it’s the water. All the villas have a breathtaking and breathtaking view. And you get all the advantages of living in a hotel, all the advantages of being in a hotel, but being able to be independent. I think it’s just a perfect balance, and I see that’s really a thing going forward. You can have a house, but you still feel like you’re on vacation.

All your needs can be taken care of, from maids and room service to other amenities. These are apparently the boxes that people are trying to check. I think people want to travel, they want to have their own home somewhere else, but they don’t want it to be another headache that they have to think about when they’re not around.

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MG: When you walk through the door of one of these villas, what impression does it give?

KD: They are just breathtaking. Each villa has the most amazing views. It’s just that understated luxury. So you have lovely warm neutral tones and that lets the ocean and nature be the star of the show.

MG: Can you tell me more about understated luxury?

KD: When you are in such a beautiful environment in itself, you hardly want to disturb it. You don’t want to distract from it. And I think that’s why it’s so beautiful, because there is nothing you can do that is more beautiful than the ocean, in my opinion, at least. He doesn’t need to be busy, he just needs to be stylish.

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MG: What is your vision of life in luxury hotels?

KD: There are people who don’t really want to get married in a particular place.

You want to be able to explore the world and have that freedom. And I think having a branded residency really gives you that. You could stay there three months a year and then add it to the hotel’s rental pool the rest of the time. When you walk in you know the whole place is ready for you. You have cleaned and arranged everything as you wish. It is this ease of traveling.

And then just being able to do a Zoom meeting, get out of your house and then go to the spa, or out of your house and go to the pool. It’s a different way of life, and I think in the future a lot of buyers will want to go this route.

This interview has been edited for length and clarity.

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