Hc Prevents Apartment Association From Taking Enforcement Action Against Landlords | Hyderabad News

Hyderabad: A Telangana High Court holiday bench has issued a notice to an apartment association asking it to explain its position on a petition filed by some apartment owners questioning the action of the association which cut off essential services to them.
The bench ordered the secretary of the association not to take any enforcement action against the aggrieved apartment owners until the case was heard. The petitioners also challenged the constitutional validity of Section 21 of the Telangana Flats (Building and Property Promotion) Act 1987, which grants the flat owners’ association the power to cut or suspend essential services such as water, electricity, sanitary services, etc. .
The bench consisting of Judge A Abhishek Reddy and Judge M Sudheer Kumar gave this interim direction during the hearing of a motion filed by PP Srinivas and five apartment owners from the Himasai Heights apartment complex of Siddamsetty in New Bakaram . Their lawyer, P Roy Reddy, informed the court that the management of the association was acting in a fanciful way. It did not give membership to several real owners of the apartments and admitted dozens of unauthorized people as members, he said.
Since they are not members of the association, they do not pay for maintenance and do not take care of their maintenance needs themselves. Since the association is registered as a self-help cooperative society, the officials of the cooperative department ordered the association to hold a general meeting with the members to remove the ineligible members and admit the eligible members and also to conduct a election of the executive committee of the association at the end of May.
Current management became nervous over these developments and began harassing petitioners with the shutdown of essential services, Roy said. “On May 13, the secretary of the association issued show cause notices with an express threat to cut off water supply, intercom, garbage collection, etc. Even plumbers and electricians will not be allowed to serve us,” he said. . Visitors, maids and delivery people will not be allowed to reach the petitioners. Petitioners are not permitted to use the elevator in the apartment. The bench issued notices to the Secretary of Laws and Cooperative Department authorities and released the case on June 6.

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