Hireavilla helps people escape reality with their luxury villas

Every owner struggles to maintain their property. It also impacts the guest experience. To solve this problem, Hireavilla built a solution – Home360. It is a property management solution that automates all the tasks related to the management, maintenance and rental of a vacation home.

The artisanal hospitality offered by Hireavilla is a tailor-made solution for the guest experience, bringing standardization and hotel-style amenities to the comfort of a vacation home. Hireavilla, with Home360, is a solution for owners and guests. “Home360” aims to automate property management and provide transparency to owners in real time.

Saagar Panchal is the founder and CEO of Hireavilla Hospitality Pvt Ltd. – a single-purpose luxury villa rental start-up, which he created in 2016. At the age of 21, when he was in the final year of his engineering degree, he was asked to register for internships.

Speaking about his entrepreneurial journey, Panchal said, “I was already in the cryptocurrency space as well as the gaming market so I had not applied. As someone who has taken my business from a passionate venture to a lucrative one, I see myself as an accidental entrepreneur. I had not anticipated the demand for hotel services in the luxury rental industry.

It started with the weekend markets near Mumbai and quickly spread to Goa in 2019. Speaking of opportunities in the segment, Panchal shares, “As a traveler who is passionate about my guest experiences and prioritizes convenience and experiences, I felt the need to step in and elevate the industry. Once I entered the market, I saw that there was more than one opportunity to differentiate myself from the pool of real estate rental agencies.The market potential in India is booming as the number of ‘users are expected to grow to 879.5 million by 2025. We aim to expand our operations north of Goa to become the largest market shareholder in the region. ”

As a young entrepreneur, at the start of his entrepreneurial journey, every aspect of the company’s development was a challenge for him. He further adds: “Without any prior experience in running a business and its operations, I had to learn from my mistakes and evolve from them. “

Their properties are located in various areas such as Karjat, Alibaug, Panchgani and other areas of Maharashtra and Goa. Panchal jokes that the properties in Alibaug work the best. “With the advent of the new connectivity between Gateway of India and Mandwa Jetty via RoRo, more families and larger groups can travel with their vehicles to the location. This has encouraged an influx of weekend travelers looking for vacation villas, ”he adds.

Mumbaikars are often drawn to weekend getaways. Panchal thinks this is the case since city ​​dwellers often seek a break from the monotonous weekend schedule of crowds, parties and concrete jungle. He shares: “They are looking for more natural environments that are both secure and private, with vacation home rentals emerging as the safest bet for group stays. “Work from Home” and “Staycation” are concepts that resonated with resonance. Our villas are often located in isolated areas and maintain a high standard of hygiene. With our staff available around the clock, ensuring a constant flow of requirements during the stay.

In addition, the pandemic having a negative impact on the hotel industry, Hireavilla had to adapt to the constant changes in policies, lockdown regulations and COVID-19 protocols that were necessary to ensure a safe stay. “Planning and preparing for unsuspected situations led us to believe that the pandemic acted as a catalyst for us due to the demand for private and secure villas where families and friends could freely spend their vacations in their own space. . Vacation homes have grown in popularity as they have become a preferred choice over hotels, ”Panchal explains.

Likewise, with the concept of working from home gaining traction, individuals no longer need to be confined to their desks to work and can do so from anywhere. When asked if this notion has had a positive impact on his business, Saagar said, “We have seen a tendency for CXOs to leave their homes with their families and establish a remote office while on vacation. With high-speed Wi-Fi, an on-site cook, groceries and housekeeping taken care of by our staff, we have created an environment in which productivity and creativity have thrived. All staff have been trained to sanitize and sanitize all surfaces as well as items brought in from outside, creating a biological bubble and a safe space for guests as well as staff.

Five years after starting the business, Panchal believes there has been a change in consumer behavior over the years. Speaking of the same thing, he says, “We have seen that people recognize the advantages of staying in a private villa over a commercial hotel. The larger space, warm attributes, privacy and interaction within the villa have encouraged experienced seekers to explore the vacation home space more than ever before.

When asked what his goals were for Hireavilla in the future, he explained: “We see ourselves as the future market leaders not only for luxury villas, but also for cohabitation spaces, apartments with services and more, in which Home360 will take the lead and be the support. structure for.

As a young businessman himself, his advice to budding entrepreneurs would be that while most entrepreneurs focus on networking and advertising, he thinks it is more important to focus on the product in a way that attracts advertising organically and builds its own network. “When you have a good product, there’s no doubt people will notice it. Staying persistent and adapting to the times is my key gift to anyone looking to take the entrepreneurial path.

He was once told to “Keep it simple and focus on the essentials”. “I think this is a key differentiator for a successful business. With a solid foundation, we can maximize our goal-oriented efforts.

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