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SALISBURY, North Carolina – Several people in Eaman Park apartments in Salisbury said they had just learned they had to move, but a lawyer believes those who received HOPE funding may be eligible to stay .

“My wife and I were there looking for apartments,” tenant RJ Roberts told reporter Tina Terry. “Everyone has a waiting list of six months to a year. It puts us in a bad position because we have nowhere to go.

A letter sent to tenants early last week said the owner of Eaman Park was planning to sell the apartment complex. On October 1, the apartments will be demolished to make way for affordable housing.

[HOPE Program now accepting tenant referrals from landlords, increasing financial assistance]

Milicent Miller has said her husband is on dialysis and needs more time to find a new home.

“It was a shock to me because if I have to move my husband,” Miller said. “I have to get a transfer.

Diane Green said her daughter was a paraplegic and had just installed a ramp in her home last month to help her get in and out.

Green also said she needed more time to attend to her daughter’s needs.


“Really scared and upset because we were already having issues getting services for her,” Green said. “Now we have that on top of that and we have to move. “

Some tenants said their rent was paid until the end of the year by state funding HOPE program.

“I hope to stay until the first of the year because everything here is paid for,” said tenant Garry Propst. “Everything is taken care of. “

This letter states that any credit they have with the HOPE program will be returned to the program and tenants will need to contact the organizations to transfer that money to a new owner.

Lawyer Isaac Sturgill of Legal Aide North Carolina said the homeowners who received funding from the HOPE program signed a legal agreement.

A sample copy of the agreement states that the landlord “agrees to extend the lease for the period covered by HOPE assistance”.

“In these situations, our advice to our clients is usually that the owner has agreed to this and you can stand by them,” Sturgill said.

Renters who said they couldn’t find affordable housing in such a short period of time told Channel 9 they would consider hiring a lawyer.

“I’m on a fixed income,” Propst. “I’m retired. I’m disabled. I can’t just jump and run.

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