I found a creepy stranger at our house after our vacation – he wanted to “play doctor and operate on us”

TERRIFIANT stranger reportedly found alive in couple’s home after returning from vacation as he allegedly wanted to ‘play doctor’ with them.

James Campbell, 36, and his wife Brittany, 37, were stunned when they came face-to-face with Ezequiel Zayas upon returning to their Honolulu home in September 2019.


James Campbell, 36, and his wife Brittany, 37, found the strange man in their home1 credit
Ezequiel Zayas is pictured in a video he had filmed inside the house


Ezequiel Zayas is pictured in a video he had filmed inside the house1 credit

However, the couple then made a series of haunting discoveries inside their property once they managed to force their way into the house.

Their heartbreaking ordeal is set to feature on the Lifetime show “Phrogging: Hider in my House,” which airs July 18.

Zayas, then 23, was said to have lived inside the Campbells’ home as they visited family who live in the Americas.

James, who serves in the Navy, told KHON2 that he and Brittany saw Zayas standing outside their front door when they got home.

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Zayas was arrested before the couple claimed to have found knives on the bed as if preparing for surgery, KHON2 reported.

Brittany told the New York Post: “He wanted to play doctor with us – and not in a cute little kid’s way.”

He allegedly penned a chilling manifesto, which included plans for how to turn the couple into perfect people, according to the Post.

The couple dug up a series of creepy notes on the computer and James told KHON2 their house was in “chaos”.

Brittany said she felt “terror” when the couple found out about Zayas’ alleged plans.

She told KHON2, “He raped – he raped our family, he raped our house.”

Cops revealed that Zayas was charged with burglary, but a judge allowed him to be released on probation until his trial.

Phrogging is when a person secretly lives in someone else’s house.

It is believed to derive from the term “frogging” when animals jump from place to place.

The series has 10 episodes and is expected to uncover 20 cases of phrogging.

Jessica Everleth, who serves as the show’s executive director, told MediaVillage that people first think their house has been haunted by a ghost, before realizing they’ve fallen victim to an intruder.

She explained that a so-called phrogger is different from a squatter.

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She said: “Someone can move into a new house and find that someone has lived in or has access to their basement, crawl space or attic.”

Everleth claimed that phroggers “want to observe the person and make them [homeowners] feel they are going crazy.”

The house was left in chaos and covered in knives


The house was left in chaos and covered in knivesCredit: Campbell family

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