Ireland-educated IT professionals, Lynn case continues and Dundrum flats spark objections – The Irish Times

Irish IT professionals are the best-educated, most productive and highest-paid members of the workforce, the CSO said in an industry study. But, writes Eoin Burke-Kennedy, it has also drawn attention to the fact that women are dramatically underrepresented in the industry.

Two bankers charged former attorney Michael Lynn to lie in evidence he gave in his trial for theft of 27 million euros from seven banks about meetings with them and allegedly made secret deals for badly handled mortgages.

More than 700 local residents, businesses and groups opposed British developer Hammerson’s plans for an 881-unit apartment program on the former Dundrum village trading centre, comprising a 16-storey tower. Gordon Deegan sifts through the documents.

Real wages, taking into account the impact of inflation, fell in Ireland in 2021 but the tax on this income rose, according to a new report from the OECD. Its payroll tax reports indicate that the tax on labor in Ireland during the pandemic – as measured by the tax wedge on a single income between 2019 and 2021 – has increased faster than in all other states in the EU. OECD, except Luxembourg and Israel.

It was a day of ups and downs on the jobs front with PayPal announces the loss of 307 jobs of its 2,300 Irish employees without really being able to say why, and Apple announces plans for an expansion of its Hollyhill campus in Cork which could eventually accommodate 1,300 additional people on site. Report by Elaine Keogh and Ciara O’Brien.

Ryanair sues online travel agency in US court for allegedly “scratching” and then reselling its fares at a marked-up price without the airline’s permission. Mark Paul has the details.

Poland and Hungary continued to block progress on two key EU ambitions – imposing an embargo on Russian oil and approving plans for a minimum global corporate tax rate of 15% – at a meeting of finance ministers yesterday. Naomi O’Leary was there for us.

At the annual World Economic Forum, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg warned delegates not to trade freedom for freedom to trade, adding that the Nord Stream 2 pipeline debacle was a “key lesson” for Europe and that countries should be wary of allowing China to control 5G networks. Joe Brennan is in Davos for The Irish Times.

He also listened Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission, who declared that the Russian blockade of Ukrainian ports was a weapon of war with global repercussions. The Kremlin was using “hunger and grain to exert its power”, she said, adding that “global cooperation is the antidote to Russia’s blackmail”.

And Mathias Gorman, head of the OECD who told the high-level audience that it is in the interest of countries to implement a global corporate tax deal agreed last year, even if the deal faces obstacles in Europe and in the United States.

Former Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney, was in Dublin, saying that for all its failures, multilateralism had produced overwhelming positive results over alternatives, particularly in the areas of trade and climate change. He also told Eoin Burke-Kennedy that Brexit was responsible for the difficulties in getting approval for the EU’s new CETA trade deal with Canada.

In Commercial Real Estate, the former Wright Venue nightclub in Swords – since redeveloped and now known as South Quarter Airside – is on the market for 17.25 million euros, writes Ronald Quinlan.

And CBRE is bringing two former Sean Quinn pubs to Dublin – the barge on the Grand Canal at Charlemont Street and JW Sweetman on Burgh Quay in the city center – in search of 7 million euros eight years after they were put on the market at 5.5 million euros.

Ronald also has details of a site at Cookstown Cross in Tallaghtwith planning permission for 208 housing units which is on the market at €8.5m.

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