Jeff Bezos’ bet on the housing slide – His single-family rental game is well timed

It should be obvious that billionaires do not accumulate wealth by accident. Their success is based on observation and wise investment, and privileged experience helps.

Billionaires like Microsoft Corp. co-founder Bill Gates probably saw an opportunity for land investments to increase tenfold, through food shortages, long before their time.

It is therefore not surprising that the real estate investment platform Homes arrivedsupported by Inc. founder Jeff Bezos is taking off. He had the foresight with Amazon to turn a book company into a supplier of everything.

The pullback is 20/20, but after a global pandemic, the stock market turmoil for years to come is not unexpected. The stock market has been extremely unpredictable and extremely volatile this year. Whether from the words of Elon Musk Where Jerome Powell, the market fluctuates accordingly.

Moreover, the United States could go from a real estate boom to a real estate bust. Musk said recession is inevitable, and jerry howard (CEO of the National Association of Home Builders) shared similar thoughts. If housing has led us through every recession, the United States could be heading into one now.

These trends now seem obvious to many. However, Bezos noticed this early on and took action. With his bet on Arrived Homes, Bezos bet on a slowdown, and the conditions are now perfect. House prices and interest rates are high. At the same time, the stock market is more volatile than ever, even floundering, so people are looking for safer options. With home ownership off the table for many, but real estate still looking bright for those who can afford it, fractional ownership is for everyone.

Bezos not only bet that would be the case last year, he doubled down earlier this year. Interested investors are joining the bandwagon as Arrived Homes delivered early to investors and continues to show promise as housing prices decline, but rental growth remains strong.

If you can’t beat them, join them – Bezos is certainly able to make money off his bet, but the average investor can do it too with as little as $100 to invest. Investing in condominiums will not only allow you to diversify your portfolio, but also protect you against a volatile market.

Arrived Homes offers shares of single-family rentals with investments ranging from $100 to $10,000. Investors receive passive income from rental payments while Arrived handles all the headaches of property management.

Fractional real estate allows investors to use the dollar cost average and invest through all market cycles, instead of having to time the market and predict the right time to buy.

Photo: Courtesy of Arrived Homes

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