Local landlord becomes first to build apartments with A-1 trusses – The Post-Searchlight

Real estate agent and local owner Turner Brock is developing 14 new two-bedroom, two-bathroom apartments behind his office.

Brock has owned apartments for 35 years and has seen the need for additional accommodation as new industries continue to develop and attract individuals to Bainbridge.

One of these new industries, A-1, played an even bigger role in these specific apartments, as it provided the farms for the complex.

“I definitely wanted to support the local community and had heard good things about A-1,” Brock said.

Due to Brock’s interest and demand, he is now the first local project developer to use A-1 trusses.

“They gave me a very competitive price, which was better than my usual supplier,” he said. “I’m just very happy with everything they’ve done.”

A-1 Industries Director David Blenker said their competitive pricing is possible because of their technology and buying power with other lumber companies. He said this is something any customer can expect when seeking a quote from A-1.

The apartments aren’t completely finished yet, but Brock expects that next month he and his office will start booking places for those interested.

Brock said the apartments should be finished in 90 to 100 days, but they haven’t set a rental value yet.

The apartments will be located just behind 1712 Shotwell Street and can be inquired about by calling the Coldwell Banker Brock Realty Rental Department at 229-246-1126.

Brock said that depending on how things go with this complex, he may eventually develop a Phase II and use A-1 again.

“The overall customer support we’ve had has been outstanding,” Brock said. “It was a great experience working with them.”

Blenker echoed Brock’s sentiment, saying it was great to be able to provide a local project and help solve the existing housing problem.

“It’s just a really great feeling,” Blenker concluded. “We hope this is the first project in a long series.”

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