MBA confirms council’s list of affordable rental housing for 2022

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Re-elected for a second term, Michael Staton (Vice President and Head of Mortgages, CPC Mortgage Company) and Sarah Garland (Managing Director, CBRE) will serve as Co-Chairs of the Affordable Rental Housing Advisory Council.

“With the ability to leverage the unique expertise of our members, the MBA Affordable Rental Housing Advisory Board can play a key role in bringing innovation and a diversity of ideas to address affordability crises. , equity and sustainability facing our rental housing and the people who call it home, ”Staton said. “Given the influence and impact of the credit industry on the nation’s housing ecosystem, it is important that we lead together to address these challenges. I am honored to co-chair this committee and to thank the MBA for their work in creating real change in cities big and small across the country.

“The Affordable Rental Housing Advisory Council enables us to identify issues, both legislative and programmatic, and proactively resolve them to have an immediate impact on tenants who need them most. The power of the MBA then allows us to be represented and lobby for the changes we need, ”Garland said.

Members of the Affordable Rental Housing Advisory Council include:

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