Modernized Street Food Carts into Affordable Semi-Luxury Apartments Concepts at New Indian Urban Exhibition | Lucknow News

LUCKNOW: From affordable apartments and a smart integrated circulation system to modernized street food carts, the New Urban India: Transforming Urban Landscape Conference-cum-Expo has witnessed innovative concepts that are eco-friendly, budget-conscious and ensuring optimal use of resources.
Dozens of booths at the exhibition provided a glimpse of future improved living standards centered on urban society.
For example, going against the stereotype that high-rise apartments are synonymous with expensive housing available only to the wealthy, institutions like the Lucknow Development Authority and the UP Housing and Development Board have showcased high-quality affordable housing.
LDA chief engineer Indushekhar Singh said: “Under Prime Minister Awas Yojana, we have managed to build apartments at a cost of only Rs 4 lakh. Despite low cost, we used advanced technology. For example, instead of the conventional mud brick, we used autoclaved aerated concrete (ACC) blocks whose basic component is fly ash thanks to which we managed to save 5,000 metric tons of fertile land. In addition, we have used premium quality steel, which will not break in an earthquake. The apartments have a solar voltaic cell to generate electricity, marble and tiled floors. In addition, we have a water recovery system. During construction, we managed to save 6 million liters of water thanks to the new technology.
Likewise, the State Urban Development Authority (SUDA) has implemented modern street food carts loaded with various modern features available at Rs 1.4 lakh. The spacious cart has LED lights and massive storage compartments with an attractive design.
According to SUDA, in the coming months, as part of a promotional campaign, the carts would be handed over to street vendors based in Lucknow and Gorakhpur.
In addition, a Prayagraj-based company showcased its pyrolysis technology to convert plastic into diesel used by ovens. Technologies on fast and environmentally friendly transport systems like electric buses and metro trains were also presented with an integrated advanced artificial circulation system.
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