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ROTTERDAM – Rotterdam City Council has decreed a one-year moratorium on multi-family housing in order to have more time to discuss how it wishes to deal with proposals for city apartment complexes and any deviations these projects might need.

The council voted 3-1 on the law. Board member Samantha Miller-Herrera voted no but did not explain why, and board member Evan Christou was absent from the meeting.

The vote comes as developers have asked for zone changes in order to build flats, and many residents have expressed concerns over the past few months about a particular request for an apartment complex on Curry Road. The moratorium also comes as the city is still finalizing its comprehensive plan, which details what residents want the city to look like over the next few years.

Under the law, any development that has already been approved will go ahead. Anyone proposing to build a development would need a special waiver from the city, according to a news release.

“We thank the public and our city officials for taking the time to discuss the moratorium on multi-family housing,” Supervisor Mollie Collins said. “The moratorium will be used to look at many different aspects of the multi-family housing development process in Rotterdam.

“To be clear, the moratorium will not stop the construction of new developments that have already been approved. We look forward to continuing to better serve the residents of Rotterdam with their best interests in mind.

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