More tenants say Andover Apartments has a recurring problem with flooding

TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) – Video from September 14, 2021 shows standing water inside Andover apartments at Eastgate and Heatherdowns. This is where Sandy Smith lived.

“It flooded the entire apartment from our bedroom to the front door, and it actually spread down the basement hallway,” Smith says. “A lot of things destroyed. Yes, material things can be replaced, but memories, old things, things that belong to our child, we cannot replace that.

After living in the same apartment for 6½ years, Smith says she broke her lease and moved out because her apartment flooded twice. The first happened in August 2021. The second, a month later.

13abc ran a story showing flooding following a storm on June 15, 2022. This story prompted Sandy and many other current and former renters to contact us. Many have sent us videos showing standing water. All report that water repeatedly came up from the sewers and into their homes.

“It’s time for Andover to step up and do what it needs to do. I know we left, but everyone who’s still there is going through this, and it happened again,” says Smith, who adds that his tenants’ insurance didn’t cover flood damage.

She asks Andover to compensate the tenants for their losses and to tackle the floods once and for all.

13abc tried to reach Andover Apartments several times by calling and emailing. We are still awaiting a response.

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