New Luxury Apartments Available in Northwest Huntsville

HUNTSVILLE, Alabama (WAFF) – New luxury apartments are now open in Northwest Huntsville.

The Anthem Luxury Rental Apartments are located just north of the MidCity area at 740 Plummer Rd.

New York-based Kalikow Group and North Carolina EYC companies have opened the new rental properties. They started renting at the beginning of November. There are 415 apartments and cottages. There are one to three bedroom apartments. The cabins include private porches, backyards and two-car garages.

Project managers say more than 100 people already live there. However, the backend is still under construction. They are still in the process of finishing a few apartment buildings and one of the two pavilions that house a clubhouse and swimming pool at the back of the complex. They say it should be finished by fall 2022.

A bedroom and bathroom costs between $ 1,225 and $ 1,335 per month. This reflects the rise in rents in Huntsville over the past few years. The developers say the cost is well worth it. They say they have a lot of amenities and being near MidCity is a selling point.

Ellis Coleman, project manager at EYC, said they expect this already growing field to be booming soon. “I think over ten years this area is going to be great. It’s a bit off the beaten track right now, but that’s where we like to be.

He says they started considering building this project in 2008. He said the recession had kept them out. Coleman says they returned ten years later to a growing city. He says the company is quite strategic when it comes to choosing where to build apartment complexes. They often follow large plants. He says the upcoming Mazda Toyota plant was the deciding factor in choosing Huntsville for their latest development.

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