Old Franz Witte in Boise, ID could add apartments, townhouses

The flamboyance of Franz Witte’s flamingos flocked to Nampa last year.

Now, a pre-application filing from the City of Boise indicates that new single-family and multi-family housing could replace the old site of the landscape garden and nursery.

As BoiseDev previously reported, Franz Witte has moved from its 9744 W State St. location in Boise to a new Destination Garden Center in Nampa. Documents filed with the city show that Shari Stiles of Engineering Solutions may file a request to add 256 apartments and single-family dwellings to the State St. site.

The housing would span 18.14 acres. Property records show Corey Barton owns the plots. He is the director of CBH Homes.

Apartments, townhouses

The site plans call for nine apartment buildings spread across the land with an area including a swimming pool and clubhouse.

Across W. Leighton Street, the plan includes a section of nearly nine acres titled “Townhouse Site.” Plans can evolve from the pre-application to the formal application phase.

Site map via Engineering Solutions.
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The details of the dossier indicate that the project could include an “affordability component to increase density”.

The development would have on-site parking and bicycle parking.

The applicant will need the design approval and go-ahead from CDHA and ITD before the project can proceed. It would require city approval for the subdivision, as well as a design review.

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