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Saint Lucia (Vrbo): There was something about this summer that was particularly busy. First, there was the pressure to bounce back to a normal life; then we went through the pendulum swing of the next peak of COVID “is she okay or not?” Through it all, we have been forced to navigate the extremely varied security protocols and personal preferences of our cities and acquaintances. It’s no surprise that this fall appears to have sparked a massive case of collective exhaustion. But the good news is that we in the travel community like to call this the perfect excuse to plan the longest, most relaxing winter vacation of your life. Winter is the new summer when it comes to travel in 2021.

After familiarizing ourselves with COVID protocols, we have a new appreciation for indoor-outdoor life. There is something very healthy about letting a cool tropical breeze blow right into your living room all day. (For those of you who fear the heat, rest assured that this home also has AC on tap.)

Just looking at a photo of this calming room already lowers our burnout levels. Now multiply that by four, add your seven closest friends, and we think Jalousie Villa is exactly what the doctor ordered.

Excuse us while we scream into our pillows after learning that this pool is 1,165 square feet, which is much larger than our apartment. Don your fanciest bikini and get ready to descend the Roman steps like the reincarnation of Cleopatra that you are.

We love people who say it the way it is. For example, these chairs are not intended for sunbathing – the rental listing describes the patio as having “seating, dining and sleeping areas”. Wake up, dress for the pool, pick out your outdoor bed, and get ready to nap until happy hour. This is our idea of ​​a relaxing vacation.

Our idea of ​​cooking, on the other hand, is to make delicious take-out food, which means we don’t know what to expect when a cuisine is described as “Italian-style”. But it looks classy and filled with pasta, two things we love a lot.

Jalousie Villa has a butler. We repeat: on your burnout vacation, you will have a butler.

In this vacation home there are indoor beds with Egyptian cotton linens, poolside beds with giant umbrellas for shade, as well as beach beds where the sound of the waves looms large. he ocean will put you to sleep in another restorative nap. Which begs the question: If you’re only awake for a quarter of your vacation, does your PTO only dock a quarter of the days you’re OOO? We take note of asking HR.

Beaches and mountains, pools and oceans, indoor and outdoor kitchens. This home redefines having it all.

Jalousie Villa is also part of the luxurious Viceroy Resort Sugar Beach, which means you have all the perks of your own private space, including the ocean-sized pool, but with access to all the amenities that come with life of the complex.

This is one of those vacations where you really don’t have to leave the general neighborhood of your rental. The only downside is that you would miss the spa-like wonder that is Sulfur Springs. Just 15 minutes away, the ‘hot black water pools’ are where you dive in, coat in mud, then dive again. Natural exfoliation takes many years to age your skin, doesn’t it?

A full indoor bar offers all the preparations for your next happy hour creations (can we suggest you whip up a themed cocktail for your vacation?), While the exterior offers all the gorgeous backdrops for sunset photos. sun that will make your Instagram friends scream with jealousy.

Forgive us while we get the beach ready at this cute little beachside hut. Can you say grand tropical entrance?

The listing describes this house as a “bungalow”. While that’s not exactly what comes to mind when we think of “bungalow,” we’ll take their word for it as we update our list of dream real estate attributes.

These days people are suddenly quitting their jobs, picking up issues and moving across the country, and making crazy decisions they never dreamed of making in the days of 2019. So we won’t be surprised if your vacation in Saint Lucia is going so well that you decide to extend it to “forever”. A desk on the beach is what your boss meant when he gave the green light for “remote work”, right?

Book your stay: Villa Jalousie, Saint Lucia $ 6,050 / night via Vrbo

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