Petition accuses mayor of Somerville of abuse of power and intimidation

The petition, launched on July 26, was signed by 115 people during the last check.

SOMERVILLE, Texas – Citizens of Somerville sign a petition to recall Mayor Michael Bradford, citing abuse of power and intimidation of city officials. The petition, launched on July 26, was signed by 115 people during the last check. He said Bradford is “very disrespectful, demanding and belittling city officials”.

In a message to KAGS News, Mayor Bradford said he did not know where the accusations were coming from as he only interacted with city staff during council meetings, which are recorded.

“Although I saw the petition last Friday, I didn’t think about it because there is no recall for Type A general law towns in Texas,” Bradford said. “It saddens me that a bunch of ‘sour grapes’ who haven’t taken the time to google the law are trying so hard.”

However, community members disagree. The petition states that the townspeople “reserve the power to remove any council member or mayor with a signature of 10 percent of the voting majority.” He cites City Article II, Section 6 of Texas Election Code 277.0021.

Mayor Bradford has said his position is one where you can’t please everyone. “Calling for the resignation of underperforming employees or calling the sheriff’s attention to masked gunmen is really part of my job as mayor, even if the citizens don’t agree,” he said. .

Bradford wrote that he fully intends to complete the remainder of his term as mayor, which expires in May 2021. He plans to run again next year.

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