Port Arthur mum urges city to help prevent apartment crime

“A security camera and light, those are things that could deter criminals and be able to identify.”

BEAUMONT, Texas — A Port Arthur mother wants city leaders to take action to prevent crime and make it easier for police to catch criminals.

Someone shot and killed her son the day before his birthday in January 2022.

Deborah Freeman doesn’t want another parent going through what she’s facing.

“I just know that everything that’s been done in the dark will come to light,” Deborah Freeman said. “I believe it. And I believe the people who did this to my son, the murderers, will be brought to justice. They will.”

Port Arthur Police have not arrested anyone in the murder of her son Marcus Freeman.

She wants to address a larger problem that police face in solving major crimes, the lack of clear evidence.

Deborah Freeman said she has noticed a lot of major crime at apartments in Port Arthur and wants the city to add new security measures to city compounds.

Deborah Freeman said her son Marcus Freeman was likely shot and killed outside Normandy Apartments on the night of January 20, just hours before his 34th birthday.

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But his body was not found until the next day.

“It’s indescribable. I just hope no other mother ever has to go through this,” Deborah Freeman said.

She said Port Arthur police are still investigating her murder but are facing roadblocks.

“They don’t have good lighting and they don’t have security cameras,” Deborah Freeman said.

Freeman said that’s the case at many city apartment complexes.

That’s why she spoke at the Port Arthur City Council meeting this week.

She asks the city to install additional security in these apartments.

“It’s hard to prove a crime when you really don’t have a lot of evidence,” Deborah Freeman said. “A camera and a security light, those are things that could deter criminals and be able to identify.”

Port Arthur Mayor Thurman Bartie said he supported Freeman’s idea.

“You’re a lot safer with a camera because if somebody does something, anything, you’d have footage of it,” Bartie said.

Bartie said there was a problem.

The city cannot enforce the installation of security cameras because the complexes are privately owned.

But he said he would still like to see the owners take action.

“I would ask all landowners and companies that actually run these facilities to consider doing this,” Bartie said.

Meanwhile, Deborah Freeman said she won’t stop fighting until her son’s killers are caught and she gets justice for Marcus Deborah Freeman.

“I just want them to go to jail, find Jesus, and stay there for the rest of their lives,” Deborah Freeman said. “They don’t deserve to have a family. It’s too late for that. You made that decision when you killed my son.

Deborah Freeman said Port Arthur City Solicitor Valecia Tizeno told her she would seek to circumvent legal hurdles over the installation of the security cameras.

She said Marcus Freeman leaves behind seven children.

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