Prime Minister of Tasmania – National Rent Affordability Scheme

May 26, 2022

Guy Barnett, Minister for State Development, Building and Housing

The Tasmanian Government is working to support Tasmanian renters phasing out of the Australian Government’s National Rental Affordability Scheme

This program was an initiative of a former Australian Labor government and has different eligibility criteria than housing programs in Tasmania, but where possible the Tasmanian government seeks to provide assistance to these tenants.

I understand the concern that the liquidation of this scheme is causing among some Tasmanians, a situation felt by tenants across the country.

As such, I will write to the new federal Housing Minister once sworn in next week about this important issue, as well as how we will work together to address housing affordability and homelessness.

Additionally, we encourage anyone affected who needs help to contact Housing Connect to test their eligibility for the Private Rental Incentive Scheme and other schemes that offer a wide range of support and assistance.

To support these tenants, the Tasmanian Government has made changes to the Private Rental Incentive Scheme to allow properties let out of NRAS to be considered eligible for an assessment under the scheme provided by the state.

The Tasmanian Liberal Government’s 2022-23 budget includes $9.25 million to expand the scheme for this purpose.

The government is offering help under this scheme to those who are eligible based on income thresholds and is encouraging any Tasmanian who may be concerned about their housing situation, including support from NRAS, to contact Housing Connect.

Housing Connect is best placed to provide assistance tailored to each individual’s situation and advise on what assistance might be available to them in their situation. Housing Connect can be contacted on 1800 800 588.

I call on the Tasmanian Labor Opposition to reach out to their counterparts in Canberra and raise their concerns to help Tasmanians in need.

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