Rental Cost and Location of HGTV’s Hawk’s Nest Vacation House Rules Explored

HGTV’s Vacation Home Rules sees Scott McGillivray show vacation home owners how to spruce up their properties in a bid to ensure they get the most out of them. Scott and his sidekick, Debra Salmoni, are transforming people’s vacation rentals.

The Hawk’s Nest is one of the most memorable vacation rentals featured on the HGTV show. So let’s see the before and after of the rental, its price, its location and if it is possible to stay there…

Get organized with The Home Edit | Official Season 2 Trailer | netflix

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Get organized with The Home Edit | Official Season 2 Trailer | netflix





Scott redoes Tara-Lee and Bryan’s vacation rental

Vacation House Rules Season 2 Episode 1 features a stunning forest surrounded by a lake at a vacation rental property owned by Tara-Lee and Bryan.

Scott McGillivray often brings vacation rentals on vacation home rules into the 21st century and the Hawk’s Nest property was no different.

He decided to replace the pine in the kitchen with a splash of color, painting the cabinets a soothing blue color. Scott and his team also updated the fixtures in the house as well as the appliances.

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HGTV: Explore “Hawk’s Nest” Vacation Rental

With maximizing occupancy at the forefront of his mind, Scott opted for bunk beds in one of the rental bedrooms and queen beds in the others. Scott said: “You want at least two beds per room or a bed that can accommodate two people.”

Scott also changed the flooring at the property, opting for a light wood option. Combining this with the large windows in the rental, the entire property had a light and airy feel.

The Hawk’s Nest property features an open-plan living space that allows cooking, dining and entertaining in the same space.

Bryan said the Hawk’s Nest property seemed a lot bigger since Scott worked his magic. The real highlight of the vacation rental is the outdoor space, as it is on the Trent Lakes in Ontario. A dining room, sitting area and fireplace made the Hawk’s Nest”the whole package“as Scott said.

Where is Hawk’s Nest Vacation Rental?

Tara-Lee and Bryan’s Hawk’s Nest vacation rental is located on the Trent Lakes in Ontario.

The property, which has stunning cliff views, doesn’t appear to be on sites such as Airbnb, but Tara-Lee and Bryan are still likely to rent it out to vacationers.

Lakefront properties for vacation rental vary in price on Airbnb. Rates can range from $100 per night to $650 per night and it also depends on what time of year you want to stay.

To rent an entire cabin, similar to the Hawk’s Nest property, it costs around $400 per night.

Some chalets can accommodate eight people and offer a breathtaking view of the lake.

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