Residents of northwest Indiana shaken after bullets ripped through apartment building Tuesday – NBC Chicago

After dozens of apartments are riddled with gunfire in a Gary, Indiana complex, neighbors are expressing concern and saying they can move out to keep their families safe.

Cia Freeman was at home in her kitchen around 11:30 p.m. when the shots rang out.

“If I was sitting here, or if he was here, one of us would have been shot,” she said.

Home video of the scene captured at least two dozen shots that riddled three different apartments around the corner from the 15-year-old apartmentand Avenue and Place Arthur.

“There was someone on the right side of the house and in the back,” Freeman said.

The mum says she and her 3-year-old son moved into the flat at the end of February. His downstairs neighbors say there were several other incidents involving the former tenant of Freeman’s apartment in January, and Gary police confirm that was the last time they were called to the house .

“When we were talking to the police today, putting things in our report, they even said ‘oh, you haven’t heard of it,'” Asharee Jones said. “The family had been causing trouble and that information was not disclosed to us.”

The two women say the resort’s management company failed to inform them of the former tenant, who they both believed the bullets were intended for.

Jones says she got a simple answer when she told her landlord she wanted to try to end her tenancy after the shooting.

“Their solution had been to have the former residents move out instead of letting us out of our lease,” she said.

Freeman says she was offered another location, but with a commitment she can’t afford to make.

“They want a deposit and a first month’s rent,” she said. “It would take two to five weeks to get back the money I paid here. The police activity, the shootings, the local drama, nobody told me. Never revealed any of this to me.

Gary police said the shooting is under investigation and anyone with information is encouraged to call 866-CRIME-GP to report anonymous information.

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