SATO offers 92 new rental units in the Rykmentinpuisto

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Press release April 11, 2022 at 10 a.m.

SATO, one of Finland’s largest rental housing providers, is developing unsubsidized rental housing in central Hyrylä, in the Rykmentinpuisto district of Tuusula. Construction will start in May-June 2022 and the houses will be ready to move in in March 2024.

SATO and builders Jatke Uusimaa Oy signed a contract on April 8, 2022 for the Pataljoonantie 3–5 site in the Rykmentinpuisto area of ​​Tuusula, where two five-story apartment buildings with a total of 92 new rental units are expected to be built. raise.

The buildings will be clad in light colored brick facing. All the houses in the buildings will have balconies, Juliet balconies in the houses on the ground floor facing the street.

“We work with cities and municipalities to develop residential areas. Several developers are working on the Rykmentinpuisto district of Tuusula, which will have many different types of housing. SATO develops unsubsidized rental housing in the area. There will be homes of different sizes on the property, from studios to larger family homes,” says Arto AaltoVice President, Investments at SATO.

“The Pataljoonantie site will be SATO’s first residential investment in Tuusula in over 15 years,” Alto adds.

Rental home design guided by sustainable choices

The building design considers energy efficiency and sustainable building solutions that will last for decades. The buildings will be classified in energy class A. They will be equipped with district heating, as they are located in an area of ​​groundwater where geothermal wells cannot be drilled. The buildings will also be equipped with solar panels and an intake air cooling system.

There will be 61 covered parking spaces in the courtyard of the property as well as ten garages. All parking spaces will be equipped with charging stations for electric cars. The design of the property also provides for the future possibility of acquiring a shared car for residents to use.

The buildings will have sauna and club facilities and laundry and drying rooms for common use by all residents as well as individual storage units for each apartment.

Adaptability and flexibility have been taken into account in the design of the studio houses in the buildings. Some of the studios’ concrete load-bearing walls have been replaced with lightweight walls between units, while other load-bearing walls have the possibility of future openings. This way they can be combined with neighboring apartments if in the future there is a demand for larger apartments.

Rykmentinpuisto in Tuusula

The Rykmentinpuisto residential area currently under development in Tuusula is located in the area of ​​the former army barracks in Hyrylä with good access to main roads. When completed, Rykmentinpuisto will house more than 15,000 people. Rykmentinpuisto is approximately 30 minutes from downtown Helsinki and 15 minutes from Helsinki International Airport by car. Public transport in Tuusula is part of the HSL region: there are buses to Kerava station 3 km away, to Leinelä station on the Ring Rail Line, and also directly to Helsinki. Supermarkets, health center, public swimming pool, sports center and library are all within walking distance. The district will also have new nurseries, a comprehensive school and the upper secondary Monio campus, currently under construction. The nearby lake of Tuusulanjärvi, with its cycle paths and cultural sites, offers excellent opportunities for leisure and recreation.

The Hyrylä district of Tuusula is one of the largest and fastest growing regional centers in the greater Helsinki region. Its wide range of services, pleasant accommodation options and small-town setting are connected to the entire Helsinki metropolitan area with excellent transport links.

For media inquiries, please contact: SATO Corporation, Arto Aalto, Vice President, Investments, phone +358 40 513 0702, [email protected]

SATO is one of the leading providers of rental accommodation in Finland. SATO aims to offer a complete choice of rental accommodation and an excellent customer experience. At the end of 2021, SATO owned nearly 27,000 apartments in Finland’s largest growth centers and in St. Petersburg.

We promote sustainability and initiative across our operations and work in open interaction with our stakeholders to generate added value. We operate profitably and with a long-term vision. We increase the value of our homes assets through investments, divestments and repairs.

SATO Group net sales in 2021 were €298.3 million, operating profit €304.5 million and pre-tax profit €259.4 million. The value of SATO’s investment properties is approximately EUR 5 billion.

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