Scaffolding, Flowers, Small Apartments: West Village 2021 Review

WEST VILLAGE, NY – While the turbulence of 2020 seemed to be in the rearview mirror, 2021 has not been short of surprises for New York City – and for the West Village.

From the early days of the vaccine rollout to a drop and subsequent rise in COVID-19 cases in the neighborhood, to local businesses struggling to bounce back from the pandemic, the coronavirus has made neighborhood headlines this year.

But not all of the notable stories were related to the ongoing crisis. As 2022 approaches, West Village Patch looks back on some of the most read and impactful stories of the past year.

The roundup includes sidewalk sheds, island opening, curfews in Washington Square Park, and more. (We couldn’t include everything!)

Scaffolding covers the West Village Block for 22 years, residents say

On the day that sidewalk scaffolding first set up on part of a block of West 9th Street, Rudy Giuliani was mayor of New York, “Shakespeare In Love” recently won Best Picture at the Oscars and Britney Spears had just won her first No 1 shot.

It’s still there.

Must See: Little Island Park opens beside the Hudson River

Lower Manhattan got a new public park as Little Island welcomed New Yorkers for the first time on Friday. The 2.4 acres of green space can be found along the Hudson River near 13th Street.

The idea for the park was conceived eight years ago by mega-tycoon Barry Diller, who partnered with the Hudson River Park Trust in 2013 to help recreate the hurricane-damaged Pier 54 and Pier 55 space. Sandy.

Curfew relaxed after violent clashes in Washington Square Park

A curfew in Washington Square Park was not enforced on Sunday evening, hours after scenes of chaos in iconic Greenwich Village space as police and protesters clash.

Just before 10 p.m. on Saturday, officers in riot gear began forcing people still in the park, some of whom remained to protest the controversial new curfew, out of the green space and onto the surrounding streets. with bicycles and batons as a broadcast to disperse sounded. a speaker.

A flower festival with 1 million flowers will cover the West Village

A festival will transform the Meatpacking District in the West Village this weekend into a wonderland of over a million flowers, over a hundred florists and endless installations and floral designs.

More than 100 florists will descend on the Gansevoort Square Friday night, covering it in flowers and placing floral installations throughout the West Village neighborhood.

32,000 people fled Greenwich Village in 2020: new data shows

In the four Lower Manhattan zip codes that include parts of Greenwich Village, more than 32,000 people moved in 2020, while 19,198 moved – a net loss of 13,400. This is a much larger gap than The previous year, when the four postal codes had suffered a net loss of about 3,200.

Greenwich Village Eatery named New York’s ‘best pandemic pizza’

Food critic Ryan Sutton of NY Eater calls the phenomenon the “great backbone of pandemic pizza”. It’s a reference to the mass of upscale restaurants in New York City who have started offering pizza options to make their restaurants more financially accessible during the coronavirus pandemic.

Sutton recently named Washington Squares from Greenwich Village to Loring Place as the best new pizza option to come out of any New York City restaurant during the pandemic.

Insanely small apartment in West Village goes viral on TikTok

How too small is it?

A TikTok video went viral after a user named Axel Webber showed off his insanely small apartment in the West Village. “This is what it’s like to live in the smallest apartment in New York City,” Webber said to begin the video. “Whatever your expectations are, lower them.”

West Village among the 10 most expensive neighborhoods in New York

The New York City real estate market rebounded with vengeance in the second quarter of 2021, and the West Village recorded some of the most expensive home selling prices in the five boroughs.

A new report from Property Shark has broken down New York’s 50 most expensive neighborhoods based on median home selling prices in the second quarter of this year. The West Village ended up in the 10 most expensive neighborhoods across the city.

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