Secret Service pays over $30,000 a month to protect Hunter Biden: ABC

  • The Secret Service is paying more than $30,000 a month to protect Hunter Biden in Malibu, ABC reports.
  • Biden’s eldest son currently lives in a $20,000-a-month rental home in the affluent enclave.
  • Retired Secret Service agent Don Mihalek told ABC the price was “the cost of doing business.”

The Secret Service is spending more than $30,000 a month renting a Malibu mansion to protect President Joe Biden’s oldest son, Hunter Biden, near his beloved California rental home, ABC News reports.

Hunter Biden, an entertainer, currently lives in a three-bedroom, four-bathroom, $20,000-a-month “resort-style” rental home in the affluent Southern California enclave, sources told ABC News . And, like other members of the Biden family, Hunter has received Secret Service protection since Biden’s 2020 presidential campaign, with the agency legally bound to keep beneficiaries safe wherever they live.

The Secret Service rents the six-bedroom, six-bathroom property next door to Hunter, described in a property listing as a “Spanish-style estate” with a gym, pool, tasting room and “tower castle-shaped at the master retreat with wet bar,” sources told ABC News.

Retired Secret Service agent Don Mihalek told ABC the price was “the cost of doing business” for the agency, explaining that “wherever a beneficiary sets up residence, the Secret Service is obligated to find a place to rent nearby at market value.”

“It’s nothing new,” Mihalek added. “The Service has had to do this in previous administrations, and unfortunately the housing market at the moment has driven prices up substantially.”

The Secret Service declined to confirm details of the arrangement, telling ABC in a statement, “Due to the need to maintain operational security, the U.S. Secret Service does not comment on the means, methods, or resources used to carry out our protective operations”.

Not only is it routine procedure for the Secret Service to lease the nearest property to a beneficiary, Hunter Biden is far from the first presidential beneficiary to reside or vacation in high-priced digs that caused the Secret Service to rack up big bills. at taxpayer expense.

The agency spent significant sums protecting the Obamas during their trips to Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts, and Hawaii during the Obama administration, ABC noted, with the agency spending $2.7 million during trips to Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts, and Hawaii. 2016 summer trip to Martha’s Vineyard.

And under President Donald Trump’s administration, the Secret Service spent at least $1.2 million of taxpayers’ money to protect Trump, his children and their families at properties owned by the Trump Organization, according to a report. 2020 Washington Post survey.

The agency spent hundreds of dollars a night on above-market-rate rooms at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida, tens of thousands of dollars renting cottages on Trump’s Bedminster property, the New Jersey Golf Club, and more. money protecting Eric Trump during his frequent business trips to the Trump Organization Golf Club in Scotland.

The amount of money the Secret Service has spent on Trump properties has fueled criticism from government watchdogs and ethics experts who have accused Trump of doing personal business and using his office to fill himself personally. pockets by bringing revenue to taxpayers in his properties.

The agency also had to pay to rent a $3,000-a-month studio apartment for Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump’s detail agents to use a bathroom because the couple wouldn’t let agents use the bathrooms. their home, the Post reported in early 2021.

Trump extended Secret Service protection to his four adult children and three former top officials after leaving office, the Post reported, at a cost of $1.7 million in September 2021. And the agency continued to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars, including a significant amount of money in Trump properties, to protect Trump and his family since he left office.

The agency reportedly paid more than $40,000 to rent a room in Mar-a-Lago and $35,000 to rent a portable toilet in Bedminister as part of Trump’s post-presidential security.

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