Short-term rental in Scottsdale causing community uproar

Short-term rentals are popping up in more and more neighborhoods, including Scottsdaleand some residents aren’t too happy to see or hear them.

We have contacted the host of this particular rental causing an uproar and are awaiting a response.

Rentals range from $900 to $3,500 a night during Super Bowl week, and some neighbors worry it will disrupt their daily lives during the big game.

In a neighborhood of million-dollar homes near Shea Boulevard and 60th Street, this 8,000-square-foot corner home is getting attention, and the wrong one.

Kate Bauer co-founded the ‘Neighbors not Nightmares’ group to tackle what she sees as a growing problem in the Valley – tens of thousands of short-term rentals and little surveillance.

“They throw these parties, it’s constant. Every weekend they throw another party. So the people who live around them, they’re constantly nervous waiting for the next party. They spend their weekends at basically doing property management, calling the cops all the time trying to keep the noise down,” she said.

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It’s not the only party house out there, it’s just the newest.

What’s so attractive about this house?

Bought for $2.5 million in 2021, the home is now listed on Airbnb as “Serenity Scottsdale”, a luxury villa that sleeps 16. The list of amenities includes a swimming pool, basketball court, and volleyball court.

There is a pink neon sign at the house, saying, “You have arrived”. Serenity Scottsdale.” Neighbors say they can see the pink glow of their homes at night.

“We have an election coming up. So if this is a real concern for any of the neighbors in this house, be sure to ask the candidate representing your area if they can help reign in short-term rentals,” Bauer said.

Airbnb released a statement that none of the bookings went through their company and were only listed on the app for 4 days, starting August 16.

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