“Something is wrong. Dozens of protesters at Mosaic apartments after being urged to relocate due to sewage leak

NASHVILLE, Tennessee (WTVF) – Dozens of families have been told to vacate their Mosaic Apartment residences by Monday morning.

About 50 people have been told that a city inspection discovered a sewage leak, but many residents don’t believe that is the real reason.

“They didn’t give us any documentation on anything,” Sabrina Hickman said.

Sabrina Hickman has been living at Mosaic Apartments for a year. She is wary of the timing of notices to leave the property.

“For them to do this to us now, it’s crazy because they can’t kick anyone out, so they come up with stuff to get people out,” Hickman said.

Hickman wonders if the sewage problem was invented to circumvent the CDC’s proposed moratorium on evictions.

According to a head of property standards inspection with Metro Codes, there have been no complaints filed against the resort since February 2020. Metro Codes visited the apartment on Monday and saw nothing alarming.

Despite this, some residents, including immigrant families, have relocated in recent days when they were made aware of the city’s alleged inspection and the sewage leak.

“A lot of people have started to leave in the past two weeks,” said Eduardo Garcia. “People evacuated the apartment. People who have current leases [who are] paying the rent vacates the apartments because they are afraid of being called by the sheriff. “

Residents demonstrated outside the apartment complex on Monday.

“Something’s wrong, because like my brother said, it was like you don’t smell sewage here. If it was a sewage leak, you’re going to smell it no matter what. where you are, you’re going to feel it and we haven’t felt a thing, ”Hickman said.

According to the group, residents were told that if they didn’t move out by 10 a.m. on Monday, their locks would be changed and the sheriff’s office would show up. This does not happen.

NewsChannel5 contacted and left messages with the management of Mosaic Apartments and heard nothing in return.

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