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MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Finding rent in South Florida has been difficult for many longtime and native residents.

When Miami Lake’s Sadiq Malik heard that his rent was going to go up, he wasn’t ready.

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“We noticed on the deal that it was going to cost some $ 100 more per month,” said Malik.

Although he said this wouldn’t normally be a problem, his wife was recently fired from her medical record-keeping job due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The couple decided to move and look elsewhere, but elsewhere was not much better.

“We just didn’t budget for it,” said Malik. “We didn’t know how much of a problem the rental situation was going to be when it came to pricing. “

Not only was the price an issue, even finding an apartment or condo was impossible for many.

“We’d find out like, ‘Hey, listen, somebody’s offering us 4-5 months rent in advance. “

Alyssa Adams, who has lived in downtown Miami for a few years, had the same experience. For her, the ads would be removed by the top bidders before she could even get in touch for a tour. She has reviewed dozens of them and submitted nominations and offers on a few. She is hoping that one of them will pass, or she may have to move.

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“If not, I should probably put some stuff away and go back to Atlanta for a few weeks and consider a later move-in date and save a few weeks of rent,” Adams said.

Adams finally wanted to live without a roommate, but now she is considering two potential bedrooms to share with someone because bedrooms and studios are so unaffordable.

Meanwhile, Malik and his wife have found a home in another Miami Lakes rental community, but he never wishes to move.

“Because we had to scramble and find something at the last minute, we found another rental property… but we end up paying 200 more than what we were paying at the old location,” said Malik.

Sarah Desamours, real estate agent at Compass, said her clients have found themselves in all kinds of scenarios: from potential buyers who lose their homes to tenants who have offered high cash rent for a year in advance to clients who are overwhelmed by all the competitive agents they are. receive at the rental of their properties.

“We had to offer 6 months in advance almost $ 1,000 more than ask in order to secure a property,” Desamours said of another client.

Desamours recommends looking into rental communities like Malik and trying to find higher rents for that next lease, and spending that time figuring out what to do.

“It’s going to give other people the opportunity to live somewhere without being tied to someone raising rent like landlords do,” Desamours said of rental communities.

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“We’re going to try to make it work and in the meantime we’re really going to do our research and focus on finding a place, so when our year is over we’ll be better prepared,” said Malik, who think the process is intimidating and the high prices might not come down anytime soon.

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