Tasmania should follow Queensland’s lead on pets in rental homes

Cassy O’Connor MP | Leader of the Greens and Housing Spokesperson

Tasmania is expected to implement tenancy reforms similar to Queensland to make it harder for landlords to ban pets from rental properties. Pets are beloved companions and family members. People who choose to have furry companions should not be denied housing for this reason.

We urge the Liberal government to support the Greens Residential Tenancies (Rental Market Reform) Amendment Bill 2021, which would introduce similar rental protections for pet owners in Tasmania. Our bill changes the Residential Tenancies Act 1997 to control rent increases, implement energy efficiency standards, ban evictions without cause – and better accommodate pets.

Similar to Queensland legislation, our bill establishes a framework for the acceptance or refusal of pets – with tenants responsible for repairs and maintenance. Reasons for refusal include the property being unsuitable for a pet, unreasonable property damage, risk to public health or safety, or if the owner would experience significant financial hardship.

Governments have a responsibility to ensure that safe and affordable housing is accessible to all. Animal lovers shouldn’t be punished, and no one should have to give away their beloved pet just to put a roof over their head.

For tenants, soaring rents and the threat of eviction are causing deep housing insecurity and pushing more people into poverty. The painful decision to give up a beloved pet is real for too many people.

We can do much better for Tasmanian tenants, and we hope all Tasmanian MPs will see this and support our bill.

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